Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 Part two

Part Two.........
begins in Matakana, at our friend's parents beautiful home. Not far from the famous Morris and James pottery factory.

Our new Auckland friends also have three children, so a perfect match for paydates.

The kids spent much of the time riding around and around on their bikes, water games, while the toddlers settled into the sandpit. This made it very relaxing for the adults, with our biggest challenge of the day only being what we might prepare for dinner and how many wickets had been taken in the cricket.

As promised to family and friends. Here are some happy play pics of the kids and the view which I couldn't not share with you.
A few hits of golf.

What's summer without a
paddling pool?

We must have been on holiday.....even the beds were leapt from and left unmade!

So nice to just leave toys and children scattered on the lawn.

The view, the vines, the pond on which we could look for a evening's supper........ sipping the most beautiful wine I'd had in a long time.

Beautiful roses. Scarlet by day, at night the colour of a good merlot.

Our own suite off the side of the house.

......and those kids are still in that pool!!!!
The sunset with lovely Barney, the resident dog watching guard.

One thing I love about living up here are the views. The flat countryside of Canterbury is gorgeous, but this Northland part of NZ is also offering some spectacular scenes.........
........and did I mention the wine??!!

We must make the most of it this summer. (The views, more than the wine ;-)

I can't wait to blog about all our day trips.

A VERY happy new year to all of you.


  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog... I also have popped in on yours often too!! Here's to an awesome 2011!!

  2. Jaz your photos are awesome! Was so great to see you guys, albeit briefly, at Matakana. We too had a lovely time and decided we need to do more 'up North' beach trips, including to Whangaparoa in the weekends.... hopefully with you guys and your gorgeous three. You have inspired me maybe...for a third of my own?


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