Thursday, December 30, 2010

Treacy Christmas 2010

Part one

This was like the first Christmas for Phoebe. When you are two, the Stocking on the end of the bed is a wonderful surprise!

Gift giving begins. Trainer chopsticks for Phoebe......

Despite a cool Christmas morning, new togs and goggles must be tried out.

While the children dress, the table was laid.

Soon appearing in their Christmas best.

Our normal South Island fare is hot meats and veges. As we now have a Northland Christmas it was the perfect opportunity to sample local seafood with dollaps of aoli. Yum!

Another South Island, extended family tradition just couldn't be forgotten. It seems that over- sized ears and crazy glasses work well at breaking the ice (even at small family parties).

After a lovely morning and sleepy afternoon we ventured North to stay with friends for three nights.
Part two; 'fun in the sun' to follow soon.

Happy holidays to you all.


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