Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa key

I mentioned a "Santa Key" we make on Christmas eve in our house on a previous post here.

Before my girls' nana died in 2006, she helped ease my first born daughter's Christmas anxiety.

Caitlin realised one day that we certainly had a chimney for Santa to use, but it led down to a built-in log fire.
My poor little girl was terribly worried that Santa just wouldn't be able to get in to eat his snack, read our note and of course leave some pressies under the tree!!

Nana Anne suggested that Caitlin make a "magic santa key". A key that could be hung on the font door, allowing Santa careful entry to our house.
(Good grief..........rereading this to myself I'm now wondering why we encourage permission for a funny dressed stranger into our home, in the middle of the night!!!!!!!)

Anyway, Santa being the fun and loving chap he is...............he is permitted, with the help of a Santa key.

The very first Santa key was made of paper and ribbon, coloured in with children's felts. I still have it, tucked away in a cupboard. A wonderful story for my children to tell again one day.

Over the next few years it has transformed in appearance, as a new one is always made.
I wonder what my girls will create this Christmas eve.

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  1. So many families with littlies need a Santa Key these days because so few people have chimneys anyway.


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