Sunday, December 5, 2010

A night out..............on the OCEAN!!!

What a COOL weekend we have had!

Friday night was hubby's Christmas work doo, for which the company chartered a beautiful boat; the "Activa".

With Aunty Hayley and Tom visiting and babysitting (all three of our kids!!!!!) we stayed out until midnight.................jeepers...........that's real ADULT stuff :-)

Cruising away from Auckland for a few hours.

The boat was beautiful and Auckland put on a gorgeous and mild evening with fairly still waters. Just amazing. We left the Viaduct and cruised out past many bays to finally park (or drop anchor I should say) at Islington Bay aptly nick-named "drunkards bay". In past times ship captains would haul their drunken crew from the Auckland pubs and watering holes, bring them to this bay and throw them overboard to sober them up! What a giggle.

Me, wanting a clear head, spent the evening on water and ginger beer, (hey I still have to rise at 6am for the two year old!!). Not drinking certainly adds another element to the evening, watching others becoming more and more 'playful'.........or maybe 'messy' is a better word.
Actually everybody had fun and we were all well behaved. I didn't have to yell "MAN OVERBOARD" once!

Once we were anchored and floating we were invited to share a buffet meal while a gorgeous sun set beside us. Breathe-taking huh?

The trip back to Auckland Viaduct was even more special with the Sky tower and cityscape lit up before us! I might miss Christchurch sometimes, but it doesn't deliver that kind of night- light display reflecting and bouncing of the water.

My little camera didn't cope so well with the nightscape, but I promise it was truly worth seeing.

A good night had by all. Good company, good food, great views and a fabulous babysitter.
The perfect recipe for an excellent and relaxing evening.


  1. They do water well up in them there northern parts... I will give them that :)
    Glad you had such a great night - and have you thought about that birthday present yet!!!

  2. Gosh, Jaz, I'm so pleased that you both had such a great night. And thanks for giving me something to add to my list of things to do.


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