Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting back in touch with the blogging world.

Ok, so if I was in charge of managing this blog.....I'd have probably have fired my sorry behind by now.

Sorry , for my absence. You all know how much I enjoy writing and this blog in particular. I miss it.

But arriving home has required a certain amount of adjustment.......for all of us. I'm learning how to manage my new self. Which is actually a lot like the old self, that just needs a little more care and attention.
Mark has removed himself from blog writing for now as he is now looking after me and the kids full time as a well as juggling some hours back at work. He cooks healthy, brain loving meals for me EVERY DAY!!!! I don't make the lunches either. This is why I am able to manage my fatigue levels so well. Because I am very much loved and cared for.

We're actually doing ok. Everyday is a little different.
Two days ago I was having an emergency CT scan (just checking for fluid build up etc) and today I was strolling along the beach with my family. You can guess which day I preferred obviously!!!

BUT....................I don't just lie about the house sipping cocktails either. I have discovered that with a good daily plan I can achieve quite a bit. Breakfast and showering is now less exhausting. Rallying up the kids for school is manageable (even if I am still in my dressing gown) . I even baked muffins this afternoon!!! (As you all know, this requires following a recipe and remembering not burn the oven's contents. I did all of that!!). My memory is really very good now. I can and have helped with homework, which is great for my cognitive processing etc etc. I surprise myself how quickly my brain wants to repair itself. I was so worried that I may never teach or work in education again. My confidence is returning.

Fatigue is my current enemy. But I have been reminded and I also believe that if I fight it or treat it as the enemy I'm really not ever going to be able to move forward.
Fatigue is the reason why Mark isn't back at work in full capacity yet, the reason why I nap before school finishes each day so i can cope with the noise and commotion. It's why I chose one job to achieve each day eg a load of washing, wiping down bathroom.

Rehab has taught me to be kind to myself, listen to my body and let it repair itself. If I don't, the fatigue is likely to hang around much longer. I am listening, I promise you.

To change the topic. I am horrified at the devastation I witnessed in Japan. I can't believe I was sitting in my lounge, watching a giant wave hit the coast LIVE. Isn't the media awesome and horrific all at once. These sort of events certainly remind us how precious and unpredictable life really is.

I hope your life is positive at the moment or you are at least able to find the positive around you.



  1. Well done Jaz! It sounds like you are juggling everything at a fair pace to aid your recovery and receiving the most wonderful love and support. It must be incredibly difficult and I really admire you and your husband immensely in the way you are so positive, strong and connected on forging onward and upward.

    Bless you and your family. You are such a trooper! :) x love & sunshine & wishes for more family beach days x

  2. Hi gorgeous gal. I've been hanging out to hear from you and how you've been getting on at home. What a great update xxxxx

    It sounds like you are doing fabulously - wouldn't expect any less of sounds like you are being kind to yourself and knowing your limits. But I can imagine even the smallest things like doing homework, housework and baking muffins are bringing untold joy to you all.

    And that hubby of yours is such a treasure too.

    Best wishes for another great week of progress ahead. Love to you all xxxx

  3. hi Jaz,
    so good to hear your update.
    be good to yourself, take it easy when you need to and keep on smiling.

    hug your family & have a happy week ♥

  4. So awesome to read what you've been getting up too - such great progress! I just read tonight an awesome sentence about when we feel overwhelmed to focuss on the 10% that we can do - you are amazing!!

  5. Words alone can't express how pleased I (and others I know who read your blog but don't blog and therefore don't comment) feel about you being back and hearing that you are making such good progress.

  6. Oh wow Jaz, you are truly amazing!! It sounds like you are doing so well, Im so happy for you! and your hubby sounds like he's amazing too. It is so good to read your blog post.


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