Monday, May 9, 2011

Yay for being a mum!!

We had a relaxing day yesterday and as I read a smattering of blogs this morning, it seems like many mums had a great day yesterday.

I got to relax and hang out with all my family.

Don't you just love small handmade treasures full of preschool age love!?!

And the preschools who acknowledge these special days.......

Coolest message inside my cup of tea card.

Warm feet, warm heart.

An afternoon of chocolate.......mmmm.

I hope all mums had a relaxing and loving day yesterday.

Jaz xx


  1. ok now I'm craving pineapple lumps. Glad you had a relaxing day, loving the homemade treats. I scored a really awesome block of wood and some nails ;)

  2. The teacup card & message is gorgeous! I can't wait to get homemade cards! Glad you had a lovely day :o)

  3. i love that you got some tea aswell!!
    so good to hear you had a lovely day Jaz ♥

  4. thank you for Phoebe's lovely picture and the amazing pic of Molly - I can see Mark's grin in it....
    so grown up too... Moly, not Mark lol

    9 sleeps until we get up there..... xx


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