Monday, July 23, 2012


I have very little to blog about.

But coffee.

I'm drinking again, the caffeine variety that is. Probably shouldn't be refilling this temple of mine with toxins but I don't do anything else naughty, much. So one wonderful coffee a day it is.

Today I shared a coffee with Widge. Yep THEE Widge.

We live in the same little town and had a bit of time on our hands today, no children about, holidays over.

It was so nice to meet her in person. She's a gorgeous soul. Down to earth and honest. Love that.

It's always strange meeting blogging friends as you feel you know them quite well despite never having actually spoken to them in person. Well now I have!!

Thanks Widge ...............(for giving me something to blog about today LOL)

It was lovely to meet you.

Jaz xx


  1. Haha "Thee Widge"
    Lucky you!!
    Coffee is good!

  2. wha!? you chopped yourself out of the pic I see! :)
    and thanks because you gave me something to blog about (finally) too haha

  3. Great - hopefully you'll be able to meet some more of the chch at some point too!

  4. Widge's photos showed that you are looking as good as ever, Jaz. So you can cut yourself out of a photo but you can't hide from your friends! Good, as always, to see and hear from you.

    1. Well done Widge putting the whole thing up - and yes, doesn't she look great :)

  5. Aw, so cool you got to meet the lovely Widge - I still haven't and would love to...kinda jelly though...wish it had been ME having coffee with you day though right! And I thought you both looked so happy and chilled in the me warm fuzzies inside :-)

  6. Widge is a star isn't she?! Glad that you had fun together.


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