Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Thursday isn't it??

Thankful Thursday
I lose track of the days during the school holidays, but it feels about time to be thankful again.

Feeling thankful for people out there who are researching Cancer and Brains. Well, all research is great, but those two things are particularly important to me. So many people I know and/or love are touched by the disease at some stage and if you think about it too much it's blooming heartbreaking.

Neurological study is EXTREMELY important. I am already of course paving the way for new and up and coming Neuro docs just by having a brain tumour in a crazy location and living with icky symptoms. Good for me... sigh.
Oh well, they gotta learn somehow!!!

I'm still thankful.

Thankful for the love around me I have so many people on my side this year. So many good listeners, helping hands, helping eyes, caring minds. I am very grateful to you all.

I had a Neuro appointment scheduled for the 11th of July to which Mark was unable to attend. Those appointments are the big ones, the ones that stir up old stuff and normally shake us to the core.
So yesterday I attempted to change it. They never got back to me.
Today I ring again, stressing how important is was to me that I have my husband present. No-one else would do!! This time I got told that my appointment had been shifted to 25th July.

Two weeks away?? Really?? Does that that mean the MRI was ok?? We can afford to wait a bit?? We don't need to rush into more treatment?? I could feel my blood pressure rising ever so slightly.

I rang Mark straight away.

He was pleased, but is naturally suspicious by nature.
"Oh Mark , you're not going to burst my bubble" I responded, laughing nervously.
"I want to email or ring them to find out if it is really ok for us to postpone the appointment and maybe they can give us just a little idea what the MRI showed" said Mark.

I knew Mark was right. He's a black and white guy. He likes the facts.

My inner 'child' often wants to hide under the covers from this whole journey. Especially if I get a hint that maybe things are going ok. I guess as I live with symptoms and eyesight issues everyday, I get scared. Mark keeps the adult Jaz facing the music and making the right decisions. Thank goodness for him. Occasionally his 'sometimes pessimistic' nature infuriates me, but generally we make a good team.

This afternoon I received a phone call from the Neuro specialist himself. He quickly and succinctly let me know that the results weren't bad at all. No more tumour growth as yet. Exactly the same as the last imaging. FAR OUT!!! BIG BREATH!!!
That news is as good as I'm ever going to get!! In my dreams I occasionally get the "Oh goodness Mrs Treacy, we seem to have made a mistake. There is no tumour there at all now".
Only in my dreams tho.

Little did I know that Mark had been ringing around hospital departments trying to give the people involved a little nudge at releasing the info to us!!

So today I'm particularly thankful for the love around me, thoughtful and empathetic admin hospital staff, a specialist that was happy to ring me and "let the heat off'" as he referred to it and of course, Mark.

Thanks a bundle Mark. I love you lots. Here's to some worry free few months huh! Bring it on!!!!!!
Jaz xx


  1. yeeee haaaaa briliant news!!!!!! SO exciting ...

  2. I am so thankful along with you for your positive news this week..yaaaay! xx

  3. Woohoooo!! Yay Jaz! That is a bit of a load off. Enjoy the worry-free months. We miss you guys up here but we hope you are loving being home. xxx
    From Jen @ Irwin

  4. YAY - such good news... go and celebrate, breath and just 'be' for a while; you guys deserve it!

  5. I am so pleased for you and I'm still grateful for your positive attitude and for your Thankful Thursday.

  6. Good news and I hope it will indeed give you a chance to "breathe" for a while and not worry too much about the next appointment.

  7. Yeah! Yay for Mark and yay for the specialist who cared enough to call. Continuing to pray. Hope you guys are keeping warm down there x


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