Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday for our littlest member!

Oh little Phoebe, we are so very thankful for you. You are the baby of our clan and we all adore you!

All our children were planned, except for you.

What a wonderful surprise you were.

What a fabulous person you are becoming.

Today is all about you and the four years you have spent with us. Today is your fourth birthday.

You are the most adventurous and courageous of all our children, with a kind heart to match. Your pregnancy was smooth but also plagued with worry. Scans had placed doubt and fear in our minds about your well-being. Twelve days overdue and two attempts to induce, you finally arrived with a squawk and delighted tears of relief from us. You were perfect. Healthy, beautiful and more perfect than we were brave enough to imagine.

You contribute to our family in so many ways already and we've only known you for four years. What a treat it will be to spend a lifetime getting to know you better.

We have been preparing for this day for a wee while.

Molly personalised a t-shirt for you.

Helped you get ready for bed.

Helped you get to sleep the night before when you were a bit excited. "Only one more sleep to go!"

While you were at preschool Caitlin turned the kitchen and dining room into
a secret surprise for you.

You went to see Grandy, who has been unwell lately. We're all very thankful that he is well enough to be at home and could smile with you today!

Caitlin helped Mum decorate your cake.

You had a special place to sit at preschool today.

You have found a special place in your teacher's heart too I'm sure.

Happy Fourth Birthday Phoebe

From  all of us xxx


  1. Well done Jaz all your poppets are a credit to you and Mark. Happy bday to number 3.

  2. what awounderful post for an extra special birthday girl happy days phoebe love from the sanderson family

  3. Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow night .... See you soon xx

  4. What a special day celebrating this precious gal. Loved hearing a bit more about her journey into your family too xx

  5. Happy belated birthday Phoebe. Your post Jaz made me feel so very happy for you and Mark. It also reminded me that the first time I went to New Zealand was my New Zealand family's Catriona's fourth birthday and she too sat in her special chair at pre-school. It was on that day in 2005 that I promised to return for her 'graduation' from pre-school to school on her fifth birthday. She will soon leave for high school. Oh how the time does fly. I wish Phoebe a wonderful childhood.

  6. Such a beautiful post and celebrations you all enjoyed.


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