Friday, September 28, 2012

A belated Thursday post and soooo pleased it's Friday!!

Today I'm a bit of a misery guts. Well only a little :-)

I have finally succumbed to one of the kid's viruses and am feeling a bit rotten. As is Phoebe. But the sun is out and it makes things seem happier all round.

So what have we been up to?

Well, I had a back massage this morning. My head was so stuffed up with mucous I didn't think I was going to get through it without sniffing loudly, coughing, choking or some other embarrassing, horrific noise.
But I didn't. In fact I nearly fell asleep.
Mark said I was snoring last night (and I certainly don't do that normally!!) So my sleep is probably a little lighter at the moment.
My whole body felt lighter and EXTREMELY relaxed. Deserved I'm thinking!!

I've also been thinking about these National Standards that the NZ children and schools now being measured against. I missed out on the professional development surrounding these guidelines as they came in when I was leaving teaching to enjoy maternity leave. I am learning about them as many other parents are.
For those of you reading from afar, the news has been 'alive' with the talk of schools having their National Standards results and achievements published to the public.
I really feel for teachers and principals during this current period of public  "revealing" of achievement. Over the past couple of years, as a parent, I have attended school interviews that have become a   "handing over of graphs and charts" so that you may understand where our child is achieving nationally.
In a 10-15 min interview there really isn't much time for much else. Gone are the days of discussing a child as a whole - I guess?! I know that there is so much more to my children than numbers and I would be sad if schools felt the need to focus on this more and more.

 I'm thinking it will create more competition between schools as well.

I like competition, if it is used to build the skills of an individual, group or team. I'm not so sure the National Standards "race" to achieve will be so positive. The competition that may occur between schools may not be of the healthy variety.
As I said, I'm still trying to get my head around this myself. Mark and I ARE happy to know how our children are achieving nationally,  but we choose not to compare very often. What really IS it achieving?

Speaking of teaching. I am now a RE-REGISTERED TEACHER again!!!! Came through the mail this morning! The teachers council advise that I follow all medical advice provided to me and discuss workload with my employer, but they are satisfied I will be able to teach soundly and safely.
I'm extremely satisfied too!!! (smiling widely).
A little nervous and excited too. People believe in me. Even the "me" with this tumour. (To my dear Tumour, just being polite here. Stay snoozing for many years to come. I got some work to do. Thanks).

Today is Friday and the school holidays are beginning tomorrow. I love holidays. As long as my girls don't fight too much.
This time I am one step ahead of them. If they begin to battle, groan and announce "I'm bored" we have a plan in place. To keep busy for the next two weeks we have compiled together a long list of either free or very cheap activities. Walks, park visits, ice-creams, bike riding, libraries are just a few.
Everyday we can just visit the list (on the fridge) and make sure there just isn't time for grumbles. I'm expecting it to work!! Can't hurt to try!

Enjoy some pics from my week:
 Some of the lovelies I have been teaching.

The asparagus bed snuggled in its spring duvet. Apple trees in blossom in background.

GTFOTG Teepee to stop doggie jumping and trampling new vege seedlings.

Spring beauties hiding amongst the roses.

Hello tulips!

Secret garden path loved by doggie.

Waterlily Magnolia loved by me!

Thankful and loving all the stories that revolve around these boots. A dad and mum who love to garden and seem to like snuggling. 
An older child who's feet are ready to grow up towards a great young adult future. (And who's gumboots are the same size as mine now!!!!!)
Two younger feet who are competitive, but also really good buddies.
Amazing how a photo can say so much about us.
A family of five earth lovers.
Five people who don't mind getting their hands dirty.
Three children, I'm hoping, learning some good work ethics and how to be proud of their environment.
Five potential gardeners of the present and future. 

Thankful and proud!

Jaz xx


  1. A lovely read on a gorgeous summery evening. So much positive stuff! All fantastic news too xxx
    ANd its the holidays yeeeee haaaa

  2. Love that last photo - I am very anti national standards - having taught in the UK I see what the result of this kind of this thing - teachers just teach to the test - everything else goes out the window - any sense of a child as an individual - all focussed on the test and the numbers.... not good for education. I hate how NZ is so fad driven in education.... um yeah sorry that turned into a rant! :o)

  3. My favourite photo has to be our children. They love having you as their teacher. Dear Mrs.Gumboot enjoy the holidays and your own cherubs!

  4. Wow I LOVE that photo and your evocative words along with it. Congrats on getting your teachers registration again - whoop whoop! Wish you to get over your bug really quick xx

  5. Many congratulations on getting your teaching certificate back. It's so good to read one of your positive, happy posts. I love the wellington story. I'm not sure what you would make of the wellingtons - four pairs - in my garden shed when there's only me living here. One of the great sadnesses to me - and it doesn't just relate to teaching - is the government (NZ and UK) reliance on statistics and comparisons which causes more and more time to be spent gathering them and takes our eyes off the real delivery of public services.

    1. Hee hee I actually stared blankly for a moment at your mention of Wellingtons. What does he mean? I didn't even refer to that city!!
      And then I recalled that gumboots are not gumboots for some. Hee hee what a silly chook.
      Nice to hear from you again GB, and thanks!

  6. yay for re-registering!
    And regarding the school testing, I've decided on purpose not to look at the website on principle. I'm happy with the school we currently go to so I don't need to. But I do like the national standard in the reports. Having had a year without and then a year or two with them, I think it gives me as a parent a start point about where I can work in partnership with the teaching she is receiving to reinforce stuff they aren't quite as good at at home. Just my 2 cents:)

    The garden looks great.
    And love the boots and words that accompany them


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