Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Thankful

Thankful for new life this week.

A very Happy Spring to all of you!


Delighted......if not a little envious :-)

Jaz xx


  1. Four bookworms... lovely.

    Gorgeous pix of daffs and blossom and spring in Hagley Park - so lucky to have such a lovely place to go.

    I remember Alex doing that exact pose Phoebe is doing on a tree branch there once, one Xmas Eve. Liam then jumped off the branch and shook it hard enough that Alex fell off. One fractured arm- lucky A and E is so handy to there!

  2. Stunning photo's :-) I love reading your blogs

  3. Thankful... yes! Two teachers each Monday is just bliss. The daffs are lovely but I look forward to a smooth Monday literacy hour.Mmmm! Thankful x xx

  4. Gorgeous photos - the arrival of Spring is so wonderful

  5. Wow, you sure know how to make Spring look GOOD!!! The shots of your girls with the daffodils are stunning...and loving the peaceful family time that last pic invokes...hope you've had a happy weekend xx


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