Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Spring Fever is upon us!

Last weekend was an absolute cracker. The Sky was clear, sun out and the garden was smiling.

So were we.

Today I'm really thankful, for the longer days, more light and warmth.

Here's our weekend in a photo story!

It was nearly midday and Phoebe was still in PJ's. 

What ARE they up too???

So I snuck around to the open bedroom window :-)
An ipod.

 Caitlin and friend Lucy washed my car :-)

 Jeepers,, more screen time!!! Afternoon tea time. 
Phoebe FINALLY got dressed...into a ballerina costume :-)

 Picked our first blooms :-)

I was wondering what these beauties were.

 Helebores I'm thinking. Winter Roses.

Stunning :-)

One lonely, yet proud hyacinth.

And the gorgeous scent from behind a hedge revealed a little struggling, misshapen Daphne!!! Yay, it'll be nurtured now!

Colouring in :-)

Busy, happy children :-)

 Mad children :-)


Caitlin's rainbow cupcakes :-)


Jaz xx


  1. Loved the colouring, down the path, round the corner, along the pavement, lol.
    Just got a lovely bunch of daffs to give James and Jess at dinner tonight. So cheerful and sunny coloured. So so so glad to see spring. More than ever before I think!

  2. Glad to see other people's kids are still in their PJ's at midday too...LOL! Wow all that spring colour...I can almost smell the daphne and hyacinth from here. We have a daphne bush right outside our front door and I ADORE the smell. Love those cool rainbow cupcakes. Happy Official Spring to you for tomorrow!

  3. Looks like a fun-filled weekend to me...the kids were in their element doing what they do best.
    Loved the ceramic pot that is standing proudly behind the hyacinth.
    Take care.


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