Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Let the Good times roll!!!

Hey ya

Guess what, I haven't really thought about the BT  (Brain Tumour) this week.

Great huh.

I've been busy :-)

And happy :-)

I got a bit frustrated last week when I helped out in a classroom and had double vision the entire lesson, but I did it. I can remember being a teacher that was able to do 100 things at once. I really wanted to be back there.

I guess though, I think I might be more efficient now. No mucking around, help the children, make sure the children understand and get them to ask plenty of questions so I can  ensure some true learning is taking place. I have to act this way so that I can get the best from them and myself before fatigue sets in (for both myself and children LOL).
Not sure if it will make me a better teacher, but I surely have more empathy for children/people trying to achieve their goals. I certainly know how difficult it can be and the understanding you need from others.

This week I'm thankful for the chance to teach again. A couple of hours a week of volunteer work has been so soul satisfying. Lots of people have shown that they still believe in my skill and ability (strokes, operations, few dead brain cells, brain fatigue and all). I'm very thankful to all those people in my life♥.

Thankful also to the cute faces I see everyday...

Very thankful for Entrepreneurial Children!! Caitlin and her new BFF organised, created and then held a market stall together to raise money for their school camp next month. Although still trying to move some card and bookmark stock, we were proud at how they managed themselves and what they learnt from the whole experience.

Thankful for three year olds who like taking groovy shots.
Gorgeous Caitlin in her "onesie"

This I can handle. The three year old's view. A headless mum shot. My most flattering angle, slippers and all!!

Thankful to friends who pass on their own beloved bears to be loved all over again. Thanks Emily x

Thankful for sneaky children who keep getting their face on my camera!!!!!

Thankful for red noses and not just the chilly drippy kind.

Thankful to patient hairdressers


Thankful for midweek birthday dinners and family fun. Molly and Mark have matching party smiles!! Happy Birthday week Mark.

I hope you have many things to be thankful for this week.

Jaz xx


  1. Thats a lovely lot of wonderful things for this week - a gorgeous cake and big smiles and back to work for you! wow -
    Phoebe looks so grown up with her hair cut!
    took some lovely pics of the girls last weekend - will send some over :)

  2. I think now that I am a parent I would be a better teacher for it. Having a different perspective changes the way you teach and what you expect of learners I think. So glad it's been a great week :-)

  3. oh how cool that you can get back to the classroom!
    What a lucky class that get you for their volunteer!

  4. I'm really thrilled to hear that you are back in the classroom. And what a great post too. It puts my dressing gown to shame!!

  5. Its lovely to see you are back doing the job you love.
    Plus I love the photo's especially Mark's birthday.

    I always think of you all, and I am really happy you are all settled back into Rangiora.

    Take care and have a fantastic weekend. :-)

  6. So cool to imagine you back in the classroom. Totally get what you said re having more empathy now with your life experiences. And aw your gals are so precious. Oh and Happy Birthday to hubby...

  7. Mmmm! Back where you belong. We enjoy having you on board again. What about my room? Is this a challenge? I think you are up to it old girl! Let the good times roll.

  8. What a gorgeous post, the market looks amazing and I love the haircut, and congratulations for being back in the classroom, a huge week :)


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