Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thankful Thurs: The power of words

It's nearly Thursday and I've got no pictures this week.

But as always, heaps of words  LOL !!

I though I'd write about the words that have been spoken to me over the last 24 months and of course the ones I utter myself.
So many people have said these very words to me (on finding out I have a brain tumour),
" Jaz I just don't know what to say"

My answer; it's ok to say nothing. It's also ok (to me anyway) to ask questions. I've got myself to a good place and I don't mind sharing at all. I'm a teacher remember.................quite fond of talking :-)

Here is what I came up a few nights ago in my "beside the bed notebook" about the power of words.
Things that have been said to me that have been useful (or not).

Most useful
What can I do to help?
I am so proud of you.
I can see how hard you are fighting/working.
We'll watch the kids, you go and sleep.
Here's my shoulder, go on, cry on it.
Here, I cooked you a meal.
You can't climb mountains before climbing up stairs!
Would you like a hug?
From now on regard each day as a gift!! (And that I do)

Least Useful
How are you?
I heard about this guy who died from a brain tumour last year who........
They're always coming up with new treatments you know.
You realise it could become a grade 3 one day (...........aaaah yep, I do)

Most heartbreaking
We will never be able to safely remove it.
There is nothing we can do for your eyes.
This is a terminal condition (but isn't life??)
Are you all better now Mum?
I don't want you to die Mum.

Most heartwarming
We love you.
You can go home now Jasmine
You are an inspiration, thank you.
We don't want to see you again for six months.

Makes you think doesn't it? It makes me think very carefully now about how I talk to people, especially when they are in need.
I'm thankful for these people and their words. The good, bad and ugly personalities of whom not all have had the nicest bedside manners. They have taught me a lot.
Jaz xx


  1. You are most definitely an inspiration to everyone and I am so glad you can look back at the journey this way.... When I think back on the post op state you were in - the response of someone who was involved with your care then when you visited ChCH hospital neurology department was classic -you can walk, and talk!
    It helped us remember again the distance you have travelled and how glad we are that you are still "Jaz".

  2. I'm quite fond of talking too! I love this list and that you have taken time to write them all

  3. Even though I've not had cancer, I do recognize a lot of the helpful vs unhelpful above. You're so right - words have power and they can lift us up or (at worst) club us down. You're certainly an inspiration, and your list is well worth some reflection.

  4. So well put! And extremely helpful - this should be a guide for everyone before they open their mouths!
    You ARE quite wonderful Jaz.

  5. The power of the tongue hey....some people do just talk before they think about what they're about to say hey! Positive encouragement and sometimes just saying nothing more than 'I'm here for you' is exactly what's needed. Instead of over analysing what we think we 'should' say and then end up saying nothing at all...

    'Encourage' is a favourite word/theme of mine and one I know God has especially put on my heart where you're concerned lovely lady xx


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