Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Long Years

It's been two years.

Too long years of heartache and triumph. Our own Olympics of sorts. 
No medal yet, but still here.

Revisit the day with me.

Jaz xx


  1. And here you are..that in itself is medal worthy my dear! Your determination and courage has been such an encouragement to those around you Jaz. Keep racing xx

  2. Hi Jazz, I'm a new reader, but your story is completely amazing. Well done for the last two years, and thank you for sharing your fears :) xxxx

  3. Gold medal definitely. 2 years of a positive spirit and determination, 2 years of celebrating your beautiful family, moving house, and living with an elephant in the room.... definitely medal worthy. You are an inspiration

  4. Sobering to reread it all agan and the journey you still had ahead of you at that time.
    Incredible really - and so glad we stil get to hang out with you despite it all.
    Be nice to find another chocolate shop for Mark's birthday present! Must be one closer than Governors Bay?

  5. I've said it many times, Jaz. You have been an inspiration. You are an inspiration.

  6. wow. Even then you were determined to be positive about it. It obviously is your attitude that has made all the difference in your case. May you have many more blessed years to come.

    YES! Chocolate brown. Lovely little place!

  7. xx Love those milestones. Amen you are still here. Its a great feeling. Here's to many more you wonderful woman xx

  8. You're running a marathon, and still being in the race and even blogging about it is a triumph.


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