Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Even a normal week brings hope!!

This week I am extremely thankful for many things in my life.

 Men who love to bake.

 Phoebe's innovative photography again!!!

 Playing with cousins.

 Fat bunnies.

Dads who take children out for afternoons of fun which allows quiet time for Mums.

 So thankful that the rain has stopped. (Although I hear the rain is forecasted for the week ahead) 'sigh'.

A crocus that survived all the rain.

 The first sign of spring in my garden that makes me smile.

 New life

 Trying to cope with the rainfall.

 So as I discussed with a friend yesterday, we can be thankful any day, across a week. But Thursday reminds me to stop and reflect.

I hope you make the time to do the same.

Happy almost spring to you!!

Jaz xx


  1. lovely things to be grateful for Jaz. it's always good to stop and see the beauty in our lives ♥

  2. Stunned at the water round the shed!!! How did you cope with all the muddy paw and foot prints?

    Isn't it wonedrful to see the bulbs coming out - and even blossom and magnolias. Not long now :)

    I think the last two years have certainly made me more thankful - appreciate more and ask for less.

  3. I love to see daffodils because, in reality, I haven't seen any growing naturally since 2005 because I miss the spring flowers in both Scotland and New Zealand.

    I agree that we should be thankful every day and I think that those of us who have battled cancer usually are. But ever since you started your Thankful Thursday I have made sure that on a Thursday I give special thought to those things for which I am thankful. It is quite astonishing what the discipline of doing a post on it brings into my mind and it certainly focusses my thoughts. It also means that every Thursday I think positive thoughts for you (I think them on other days too of course but on a Thursday they are extra special ones).


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