Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday for Dad!!!

Dad had to go away for a few nights. We have keep ourselves busy though. It's been ages since Dad got to venture away for work and Mum has had to rule the roost. Thankfully he'll be back in time for the weekend.

Sorry, that spicy fruit loaf you love is almost gone.

But you know that golden treasure we were gifted from our friends before you left??

Well, the Lemon biscuits tasted really good.

So we made Lemon muffins as well. Mmmmmmm...

We promise we're keeping warm!

Molly noticed some interesting clouds above our house to show you.

And Phoebe loved her first few days back at daycare and wanted you to see her amazing eye mask!!!

Sophie stayed the night and helped us play computer games before dinner.

We made delicious chicken burgers for dinner. Mmmmmm.....

SEE!!!!!!!! (lol)

Phoebe is excited to go back to daycare tomorrow as she has a dress up day and a daytime disco. She is going as Angelina Ballerina!! ( a favourite dancing mouse character from books and television). Mum is sewing some pink and white ears for her. Phoebe gets the giggles when she looks at her tutu!! Mum hope she goes to sleep ok in all the excitement.
We will post some photos up tomorrow morning when she's all dressed up and ready to go!!

We miss you.
Hope you are keeping warm too!
Love from Jaz and the girls.


  1. Thank you so much girls. Love you all so much and I cant wait to get home tomorrow and give you all a hug. Xx

    Wellington has been pretty cold and of course windy but Ive enjoyed my time away.

    See you all soon

    Markdad xxxx

  2. Wow you gals have been keeping busy - what a lovely post for Dad to read and feel part of your week xx

  3. I wanted to say all sorts of things (including the fact that you've reminded me that I promised to make a spicy fruit loaf early in the week and never made it!) but I've decided they'd all be superfluous because it can all be summed up by saying that if I were Mark I'd be truly warmed to read such a message. Oh loved Phoebe's mask by the way.


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