Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weekend that Was........again........what already??

One big OOOOPS from me.

I have been so engrossed in holiday activities, I even missed Thankful Thursday!! I can't believe another week and weekend has sped by!

This weekend we felt a little housebound, except for a trip to the mall where the movie promotion for "Cars 2" got little Molly pretty excited.
Miss Phoebe just loved the giant inflatable mice..........

Then we snuggled up with some paper and stamps and made greeting cards.

After the glorious weather of the weekend prior, it has crapped out and we have had more rain than I have ever seen.

This morning we watched The lower South Island, including our beloved Christchurch blanketed in snow. Chilly, but I'm a bit envious. I love snow.
We did however have several hailstorms pass over which for this part of the country is pretty cold.

That's as white as it's gonna get around here!!!!

Oh and yesterday I was officially allowed to drive again.
Don't worry...........the nation is safe, up and down the street to begin with. Getting my confidence back as we have changed vehicles since my operation.
But how I love driving..........and how I have missed it.

As Mel Gibson so 'bravely' screamed.


Jaz xx


  1. Loving the snow here, until it freezes and traps us for days - !!! For now it is peaceful, clean and pretty and a good excuse to snuggle by the fire and eat.

    How exciting to be driving again - Well done!!

  2. Wow that is super exciting being able to drive again! Yay you!

  3. Go Jaz, Go Jaz (said in my best cheerleader impersonator voice) it looks like you WILL be able to drive to our date!

    And what a lot of indoor fun you manage to make!

  4. So happy for you that you can drive again! Enjoy the freedom.

    And ditto - I'd love to see some REAL snow! Just VERY cold and windy here - though I did see a distant dusting on the ranges today :)

  5. Just got a tad apprehensive when you missed T T but glad you are OK and thrilled for you that you can drive again. Happy travels.

  6. I totally understand about the Driving I too have just got my licence back, and it feels soooooo good. As always I love your photo's of the girls, they always look so happy and smiley. :-)


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