Monday, July 18, 2011

The Weekend that was!

Don't you just love the opportunity to be silly?!?!?!

My Caitlin does. In between the pre teen mood swings and sour looks we get bouts of silliness. I know in the VERY DISTANT future she will have silly fun with her kids.

Oooooooooh guess what night it was in the weekend for us.


Oh yes, it's been well over a month since our last and we have decided, after having three children and hardly EVER taking time for ourselves life is really too important for putting it off any longer.
Two nights out in a few short months, Yippeeeee!
So Saturday night at the Stonegrill Cafe, Whangaparaoa it was.

Mark looked comfy and relaxed :-)

We giggled at how I could be the next host of "Praise Be". Songbook (menu) in hand and roaring fire behind.
That fire I could barely pull myself away from.

And of course, gotta have the 'before the night is over' close up to put on record. Ahhhhhhh I can feel the brows and shoulders relax as I remember those two hours of no interruptions or toileting issues. Bliss with a capital B

Then Sunday arrived at it was GLORIOUS. It could have been spring, if I didn't know better. We are about to enter Auckland's wettest season so we got out and made the most of the sun.
There were even mythical creatures at Arkles Bay that day :-)

And sails on the sea. Everyone was out enjoying the low winter sun.

Just walking. It was enough.

Jaz xx


  1. Beautiful pics - you would totally make an awesome host for Praise Be (hehe). Your date night sounds fabulous!!

  2. yay for date night! the weather has been lovely this week alright!

  3. Ever since I've not had to convince anyone professionally of my seriousness I've found a new freedom in being able to be silly - it's very good for the soul.

    I'm glad that you both had such a good time.


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