Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday: What we're up to during winter.

I actually like Thursdays. Thankful Thursdays make me stop and reflect on the past week. I wanted to post during the past few days, and then thought what's the point?!?! It's winter, we're not up to much other than catching bugs. The fluey-snotty-nose type bugs, not the interesting garden variety.

Not much huh? Well, reflection is a valuable thing, cause look what I found.......

One lonely but gorgeous daf popped it's head up out on our deck.

We started a holiday spending fund for later in the year. A weekend away is just what we need!

I hated the eighties, at the time. Now I'm loving the return of some of the fashions. I have always wanted a keyboard belt, instead I found this tie and it makes me smile :-)

We did some inside aerobics....well........some muscle posing anyway hee hee.

Molly had pirate day at school. I can't get over what a glamourous pirate she makes.

Last year we made little pirate ship cup cakes. This year I found some chocolate coins stashed in the back of my wardrobe from Easter (sorry kids).
We went with an ocean/treasure kind of theme.
Oh, and then I remembered some blue edible glitter in the back of the pantry. I'm very good at stashing stuff away it seems.
I wonder if I've stashed some cash anywhere.......mmmmm.........
Then there's this guy, who has been sick this week, just as he returned to work for closer to normal hours. He can be lots of fun and silly. But lately, well most of this year, there hasn't been as much to laugh about. So to see him joking in the kitchen, posing for little Phoebe's photography was awesome. I love you Mark. We all love you and hope you feel chipper really soon!!!
Phoebe likes Dad's sandwiches too. (Thanks for the photos Phoebe, good job.)

New mascara. Honestly, this is a treat. After spending so much of the year in hospital etc my mascara was a dried up mess. I love mascara. When I'm feeling icky, I like to go for the dairy cow look.
Silly hats were the theme for junior assembly this week.

There is something really fetching about a little girl with ribbons in.

Should I be worried that she likes to organise her lollies before devouring them?? Maybe she could alphabetise my pantry..........mmmmm....

Last night we attended a Learner Led interview/conference for Caitlin. She did very well and made us proud. I'm very proud of the goals she has set and the progress she has made this year. This is her first year at College. She started very shortly after my operation. So we are proud of her even more so for coping with so many changes all at once. Keep up the wonderful effort hun, we are very proud of you xx

Ok, so maybe it all ended up being inside shots and activities. The kids have had such nasty coughs etc that we've all wanted to keep warm and dry this week.

But it really is worth keeping the camera on hand at all times.

I thought nothing has happened this week. Just goes to show huh!

Hope your week was fun and your weekend is even better.

Jaz xx


  1. What an absolutely wonderful post, Jaz. This evening I've been to see Hamlet and during the interval I was suddenly asked "How's Jaz?". I've just told Anna and she'll no doubt read your Blog in the morning. I've said it before but I'll say it again "You are an inspiration". As a bonus you write really interesting blogs.

  2. :) Very lovely things to be thankful for. I wish that Daffodil meant spring was a little closer...but alas another couple of months to go!
    What a lovely and beautiful family you have

  3. I cannot tell you how my heart sings to see girls doing something other than fairies and princesses now and then (pirate dress up and treasure cupcakes - RAD!). I mean, the former aren't bad...but variety is super. GO YOU!

  4. those cupcakes look fantastic! and beautiful pic of Caitlin too

  5. Lovely things to be thankful for and beautiful post Jaz. I didn't recognise Molly!!! first pic I thought it might be Caitlin, and the others it took me a while to pick it was her and not some visiting child... scary what a bit of make up does. Gorgeous pics of them all though .

    Nice to see Mark laughing.... love the Phoebe pics. Clever girl.

    Mouth watering cup cakes!!!! Perfect bue.

    Scott and I have a week off starting this evening - sure we won't achieve half as much as you have in the time.. or take as many wonderful pictures, but we have seen Harry Potter and dinner out to celebrate... looking forward to some free time.


  6. This is a great post for doing 'not much'! I reckon you can start a new trend with your keyboard tie ;-)

    Wow Molly look so grown up I thought she was Caitlin for a minute, and the littlie in pigtails well just super adorable. And can imagine how proud you are of your big girl too after coping so well with adjusting to a new school amongst all the other things you've had to contend with this year!

    p.s. That's my mascara too - great stuff!


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