Friday, November 11, 2011


It's here.


I'm not normally superstitious at all. But ever since we met , Mark and I have had a 'thing' about the number 11.11.

It started shortly after we started living together. We kept noticing the time 11.11 on the digital clock. Over the years whenever we noticed it, often at the same time, we would look at each other thinking it was a bit odd and spooky.

Now. It's just our number.

We see the time and smile.

It still happens all the time.

So today has almost become an anniversary of sorts. Mark even woke and greeted me with a big kiss and a 'Happy 11.11 Day!!!"

I know others' around the country and world are celebrating and considering it a lucky day. Well it is for us. We feel lucky to have each other!!

Happy 11.11 Day to you Mark. I feel lucky to have you in my every day.

Happy 11.11 day to all of you out there. I hope it's a lucky one for you all.

Jaz xx


  1. He he, at 11.11.11. 11.11am we had a snuggle and kiss :)

  2. That is so sweet! It is my son's birthday today, and also the anniversary of my in-laws' business - so easy to remember ; )

  3. Hi Jaz.
    Superstitions Are something that can be difficult to handle. But if you treat them all light heartedly with a smile and a laugh as you are that is great. love BJ xx

  4. I think however cynical any of us are about things like superstition we all have something about which we have a feeling which amounts to superstition. Fortunately, touch wood, I've not been afflicted. Er, well, apart from not driving green cars and.. Well perhaps I'm not quite immune.

  5. "Things" like that can be nice ;) even if one is not exactly superstitious. There were articles in my newspaper before and after about lots of people wanting to get married on that date. Me... I did not even think about the date that day... Until the day after (ie today) when I also saw it mentioned on several blogs.


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