Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playing with Fire

Let's begin with a brain update.
I'm typing this with my eye patch on as my eyes do not cope after a full nights sleep. But we crack on despite. I really hope my eyesight returns.
You may have seen my comment on my last post that the MRI went pretty well.
1. No new growth of the tumour (still the same size but they can stabilize and take a long time if going to shrink. Time is needed here.
2. The discolouration caused by radiation treatment is resolving and not a sign of any new disease. ONE BIG PHEW!!!!!
3. My ventricles are still a bit overfull of fluid which may be the discomfort I still feel. The drainage hole has worked and is working,but once again this is a scenario that needs time.
4. I have lost my cheek bones LOL. Bummer. The fluid caused by fluid retention (steroids) have changed the shape of my face (well I certainly notice it). I laughed at it yesterday as I brushed my hair. I laughed. I reckon that's another step towards recovery mentally at least :-)

A Night Out
Lat night we shared guy fawkes with friends and at their street party. It was a great night. I actually didn't think I could do it. With the amount of pressure I currently have in my head I find noise and lots of people and movement just a bit too much. But with a head full of antinflammatories, well watered and fed the night got better and better.
I think some times distraction has a major role to play when trying to cope with feeling unwell.
Thanks Lisa and Paul! What great spread, lovely company and awesome to have had some fun!

The fire works were brilliant fun for adults and children alike.

Happy kids
and more happy kids....
and some more!!

My happy little girl who was petrified of the fireworks last year really warmed to them and was extremely brave.

Some of the happy 'lighting' crew.

Sparkler fun!
She made it till midnight :-)

Jaz xx


  1. Hi Jaz, so glad you got some good news, even if it is just baby steps, what cute photos :)

  2. Lovely to see your photos and read your blog. Lots of love from "down South" Keep on keeping on. We think of you and love to hear about your everyday life.

    Lots of Love from Brian and Maureen J. xxx

  3. Aw lovely little photo of the little one crashed out asleep.
    You are such a legend. Even though you are going through such a rough time you manage to keep us all posted and still find things to be thankful for.
    I can't tell you how much you inspire me.

  4. Beautiful photos of a lovely evening and the last one is so cute! I bet she had very amazing dreams after those gorgeous fireworks! Delighted for you in feeling up to it and enjoying some precious time with your lovely family. Sending you forever well wishes and so admire your courage and bravery x

  5. I've woken to my first morning back in New Zealand and read my first blog post - yours. I am so happy to read more positive details of the scan - as you say these buggers take time but it's going in the right direction. And so is your frame of mind in this post. And that, in turn, makes your friends happy. All in all your Good Day has given me a good start to mine. Thank you.

  6. So glad the results are going in the right direction. LOve that photo of your wee one asleep at fireworks! So Cute

  7. I am so pleased for you that you are getting some good news. It has really been such a journey and I hope things continue to improve for you. Your positivity throughout all of this is incredible! what an amazing woman you are.
    Your photos from Guy Fawkes are awesome, love all the happy faces!!!


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