Friday, November 4, 2011

Forgetful Friday

I realise I haven't made much of an effort to be Thankful on Thursdays lately. Shame really as it was a time in the week which forced me to have a more positive outlook on our current life. Which is a good thing.

So although Thursday has past. I shall be thankful on a Friday.

A very good and dear friend called me this morning. Just hearing her voice made me shed more than a few tears. I was, thankfully, able to offload (she doesn't mind a bit) many of my fears and some of the icky stuff I've had to deal with this year. What a load off it was. I am so grateful to have her in my life. Love you Simone xx

Next I am thankful that my children can have some normality. A small sleepover with junk food and DVD is scheduled for this evening. It hasn't been a regular event at our house this year. Most of the the social events have taken our children to other people's houses. It is nice to finally host a friend and have some fun. Yay!

And finally. Things are growing.
Parsley, strawberries, spinach, corn and courgette. Just a smattering of veg.
But it is lovely to see anyway. Thankful for the warmer weather arriving and new growth around us.

And these lillies, almost bursting into bloom were from my late Nana's garden. They have been with me at every flat, house and rental we have owned or lived in. South and North Island. I have moved them with me loyally and Nana has never failed to deliver yearly blooms. Lovely huh.
Can't wait for it to happen again soon :-)

Thank goodness for finding these things around me.
We plan to get the kids out on their bikes this weekend.
Have a wonderful weekend yourselves.
Jaz xx


  1. jealous of your green fingers! We really must plant something!
    Gotta love friends who don't mind being off loaded on to. They are the best.
    How did your MRI scan go?

  2. MRI went well thanks Jaksta. Results were fairly positive, as positive as I'm going to get when waiting for a very slow growing tumour to respond to treatment. A SLLOOWW process. At least there was no more growth and my fluid levels are gradually becoming more normal. Overall, a good result I guess!!

  3. Yay to you Miss Jaz!

    And I can't believe your strawberries are that advanced already, ours have a few flowers but that's about it. Also loving your Nana's lily - what a special story of hope and survival. Happy weekend to you all xx

  4. Always good to see Nature springing back to life; and how wonderful doesn't a bit of 'normal normality' appear when having missed it for a while. I'm getting just a little bit envious of those strawberries as here on the other side of the earth everything is going into hibernation instead.

  5. Yay for no more growth!! WHOOP! So glad to hear that xxx

  6. I am thankful for your scan results, Jaz. I have a friend, Anna, who has been following your Blog for a long time and with whom I've been staying for a couple of nights before my departure. She prays for you (she never comments on blogs) and she, too, is thankful for your results.

    Go well. Next time I read your blog I should be on the same soil as you are. I just want to be there now.


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