Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Treacys are going Home

Time to let you all know.

The funky Rangiora townhall.

We are relocating back to the little township of Rangiora where we moved from two years ago now. Mark has a managers job within the township and with any luck we will wake tomorrow with the contract on a house purchase finally through the rigorous insurance checks now required within a seismically freaky zone.

We have mixed feelings about the move back home. We actually love our new home up here. The location, lifestyle and new friends. But we must admit the dreaded brain tumour has hampered this lifestyle. Mark and I are both fiercely independent people and a little stubborn. So we are not entirely happy that a little tumour is now dictating our journey.
But it is, and we are learning to accept the changes it is bringing.

I am certainly a different person to whom I was when I left Canterbury. Inside and out. My experiences before after the diagnosis of the tumour have certainly left their effects. Surgery, rehabilitation, treatment, medications, losing hair, changing appearance, stress, fear and many other aspects of this journey has left a few scars. I am apprehensive about taking "me" home. I often don't recognise myself. And I really mean the inside as well.

We also realise the Christchurch we once loved and felt a bond with doesn't really exist anymore. We haven't been back since the devastating and fatal February earthquake. I know we need to prepare ourselves for the devastation and sadness. We will watch Christchurch rebuild with hope and anticipation like all other Cantabrians I imagine.

We are looking forward to being back amongst the people we love. As I am not currently permitted to drive I am looking forward to being back on flat Canterbury land for walking the kids to school and regaining my own independence.

Mark's work will be just a stones throw from our new house (please go through contract!!!!). Which means no long trips home, no commuting. I have my husband near me. This I like and want. This tumour, as much as we loathe it , has brought us so much closer together as a couple............ as a family in fact.
Lovely Ashley River

Our lives in Whangaparaoa has been lived in rental properties. This has been ok for the duration. We were more interested in exploring every weekend, making memories and taking loads of photos. And this we did.
Now we want the Kiwi dream back. The backyard, dog, vege patch and a place to potter. Our place.

This move back home is going to bring us that.

To those of you we are leaving behind up here, thank you for making us feel so welcome. We will miss you all dearly and consider you life long friends. Northland will always be a place to revisit and holiday in. Thanks for becoming a part of our extended family.
Southern Alps and Canterbury Plains

To those of you who are awaiting our arrival back on Canterbury soil. Not long now. We are excited to rebuild friendships and see you all again in early January.
Jaz xx


  1. wow, fingers crossed for that contract!! x mel

  2. Oh my. This is big news indeed!

    It would be cool to catch up with you once more before you leave, if that can be arranged.

    We too are on the move ... to who knows where exactly. Changing times all around :)

    Will be in touch. Love, Hilary

  3. So happy that it's (hopefully) definitely going to happen...despite the mixed emotions about the whys of going and the apprehension about returning to a changed landscape there is going to be so much to look forward to for you all.

    p.s. If you're going to be going home via Welly, please please please stop in and see me! xxxx

  4. Oh good it is official .... I can dance around now :) xxxx ( well on one leg anyway)

  5. Exciting! Rangiora really is an awesome place to live :) (not that I know much different ;)

  6. Awww that made me get a knot in my throat !!! You can always cum visit northland coz that will be my home when we move back home from perth, aunty has to come visit her nieces and nephews when the born!! xxx Welcome home

  7. Good luck to you - the whole family - with the move!

  8. I wish for you all that you wish for yourselves - and some. I hope all goes well.

  9. you all will be in our thoughts as you make this big transition. We wish you all the best for your future down here in the South Island.
    Brian and Maureen xxx

  10. Hey guys, I'm sorry I never got to see quite as much of you as I'd intended this last year, but I do think about you a lot. Best of luck on your return to the south, I understand why you're doing it. I hope it goes well. Lots of love, Neil

  11. Yay - being a blog reader, we get to follow your journey still (I assume) and not actually have to say goodbye!

    It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for Mark, and the best thing for you and your gorgeous kids... so glad you'll be around friends and family you already know, who will just be a phonecall away.

  12. Wow that is wonderful news......I am sure that the family will be excited. This also means next time I come home I casn visit you guys as well. Cheers from your Cuz in Mount Isa Qld. xxx

  13. Wow big changes, that's great that Mark has a good job to go straight into in Rangiora, will be nice for all the family to have you all close by too. Good luck, hope it all goes nice and smooth for you all.

  14. Good luck with the move!
    You'll have to persuade Widge or one of the other Rangiora bloggers to drive you into Christchurch when we have a bloggy coffee. It would be lovely to have you join us.

  15. Good luck with the move, I love coming to visit Rangiora when I visit my daughter in Kaiapoi. Great coffee place and a trip round Farmers. Best wishes to you and your family.

  16. I do hope we Chch bloggers get to meet you once you are here. I think there is something about having hubby close by that beats all else. Merry Christmas. Hoping the steriod balance and eyesight gets sorted soon Miriam


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