Thursday, August 29, 2013

Supporting those who support us.

I feel this Thursday needs to one of giving thanks to the community groups who give us all support when needed. 

Of course it is not until our loved ones or ourselves actually need them that we truly appreciate.

"My" community groups of choice are now:

The Blind Foundation

Neurological Foundation NZ


Cancer Society

All of these groups have provided me with oodles of support over the past three years and continue to do so.
My brain tumour is a terminal condition and I need to know that research continues behind the scenes and that I will always have options.

Here in New Zealand Daffodil day is approaching quickly. The Cancer Society supports all patients with all types of cancer. Even my tumour qualified as it has the potential to become a killer. Please remember to support them if you are able.

While living in Auckland they provided me with counseling (and Mark also), frozen meals for the whole family, transport from my home to treatment wards, support in the form of tissues and kindness, company and a patient 'ear' when needed.
In fact I still get a phonecall every 6 to 8 weeks just to ensure I am coping now!!!

I never thought I would ever need them.

So glad they are out there.

Jaz x


  1. I won't be in NZ on the day Jaz but I'm glad you have reminded me. They have my support, of course, and one of the advantages of internet banking is that 11,000 miles way I can still do something on the day.


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