Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why do we breed?


This is an interesting topic that has been swirling around inside for a while. Time to share and hear what you think also.

Why do people have children?

To continue a genetic line of ancestry.
To enhance their own life.
To consolidate a relationship.
Accidental pregnancy.
To teach and guide.
Because they love children.
To see what their combined offspring might look like.
To receive government  funds.
To try and save a relationship.
To have something of their own.
To have something to manipulate and have serve them.
To try and boost their self esteem.
To betray a partner.
To create the ultimate expression of combined love.

Oh goodness. So many reasons. A real mixture of reasons I would agree with and many that frighten me.
When I think of why I had children I can't come up with one clear answer. Although I know that it was a conscious decision between Mark and I. The reason??
To me it sort of felt as though it was needed.  Our greatest achievement as a couple. The ultimate gift to each other I guess.

I remind myself of this when I'm at my wits end during school holidays :-(

I have heard recently of adults who are so caught up in their own beliefs and achievements that they want to pass on this knowledge. Not sure how I feel about this.
That's a lie.
I do know............just treading carefully.
Many people out there pass on knowledge and faith to their children and it is such a noble thing. I just think this is the wrong reason to create a child.

I think all children need to be made with love.

I hope all children are made with love.

I know I'm not being entirely realistic though.

My baby number three was an accident. But we soon viewed her as the best surprise made from our love ever!!!!

Dare I say this?!?!?!  I do not believe that a child should be brought into the world for selfish reasons. To mould and shape as a clone of its parents.

To make a child is to create an entire life, beginning the journey of a life. To make a child is to make an adult. I'm thinking my role as a mother is to guide (of course with own own morals and beliefs) but to also allow freedom of thought, action and speech. Such a BIG and difficult challenge as a parent.
But I'm sure that's what I want to achieve as a mother.

When I asked Mark recently if he had actually wanted children before we started trying for them he said:

"Yip....................until I had them"

And that really is a whole other post!!!

Jaz x

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  1. What a deep post. It made me think. Why did I have children? The answer is unfortunately exceptionally simple: my wife decided and I complied. Have I ever regretted it? Certainly not. We had two wonderful children. We never tried to bring them up in our image or mould them and they made us very proud.


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