Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Thanks Mark!!

Today is Mark's birthday and we are thankful. We get to let our man know how much we really do appreciate him......... and eat cake!!!!!

Time for presies

 In his new gears!!!

 What is it dad???

 Wahooooo! We're having coffee!

 A supermarket cake; me bad!! But it was a velvet red cake supporting and raising money for the  Canterbury earthquake recovery.

 Rosie likes the look of cake.

 Maybe Phoebe's........mmmm...........

 Oh yeah.......

 Molly's not looking either...........

 Maybe mum won't notice.......

I'll just wait.

and wait

and wait

and wait.

Labs. Food driven yet patient.

Happy Birthday from all of us Mark.
Jaz xx


  1. Looking forward to testing that coffee maker - glad you had a great night celebrating - see you tomorrow xxx

  2. All the best Mark. I liked your comment about Rosie being food driven. Labradors and Retrievers are just impossible when it comes to food: anything is on the menu - often with dire consequences in the night.

    1. Yes Gb. I relate to the night wakenings of retching noises from Rosie's bed on occasion.


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