Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Champ!!!!!

Wednesday is Athletics day in our house. That means it's either Macaroni Cheese or Lasagna night also. We don't usually get home until about 7.15pm so it's a late night for the little ones!!

Tonight was ribbon night, and a very gorgeous, long legged, very nearly ten year old got her ribbon for coming third overall in the 60 mitre sprint.

Man is she a happy girl tonight. Isn't it wonderful when your kids find something they enjoy and are good at. We are very proud of her, and so pleased she has excelled after a huge 2009. Shifting and starting a new school is a challenge in itself. Well done Caitlin. We are very proud of you sweet-pea.

To conclude, in Daddy T's words............... "Beauty! That's going straight to the pool room!!!"


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Phoebe's coming of age.

Yes, you'll remember the posts of past that showed Molly learning to swing, climb and balance at 'Gym 'n' ees'. Well with Molly now at school each day she has moved to bigger and brighter things.
Phoebe however has come of age and qualifies to actually participate in the toddler group.

Those of you who know Phoebe's physical skills and personality will appreciate the difficulty I had to even get these very quickly taken shots that follow. She is a dynamite stick on legs with an endless supply of battery life.
As I was taking shots and trying to shove the camera back into my pocket Phoebe would be running off to the next piece of equipment she thought looked exciting. I have run after her for an hour this morning, making sure she didn't 'BAM BAM' other children off activities!!! Good exercise for me too though!
Sometimes the toys are still more interesting than the balancing tasks.

All this even on a dose of antibiotics as tonsilitis has reoccurred. What a trooper!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Books and Beaches

I've nearly got through my last pile of library books. Once again I was torn between the 'books to inspire mothers at home' and the 'criminal and historical' sections. I spent the entire Christmas break reading a variety of people's accounts of their personal achievements so have been looking for a contrast. Well, I haven't succeeded really. I'm obviously drawn to stories about survival (in a variety of definitions of the word).
"Just a Boy" is a personal account of the son of the first murder victim of the Yorkshire Ripper, who began his murder of women in the mid seventies. He was six, when he lost his mum, instantly subjected to 'life after murder'. I read it in two days, I always find the 'train of thought' style of writing easy and enjoyable to chug through.

"The Mupreneur Diaries" was a gorgeous yarn, in diary format and 'mum's are the perfect audience. Made me laugh and grimace many times over as I remember my first baby and first days of maternity leave. The author is hilariously honest about her repeated 'failures' as the perfect stay at home mum. I could relate to much of it. Although, I am also feeling a little smug now in my third round of post baby 'house-wifey-ness' and I have certainly improved my prowess on the domestic front.

For those of you who only check my blog for the family updates, here are a few pics from the weekend. At the beach again! The humidity is at it's highest here this month so you're going to be damp and sticky whether in the water or not. So the beach it is!!!!!!

G. I Jane Phoebe

Caitlin........who hated the water last year. Submerged, swimming in the waves!!!!!!!!!!

A rare shot of both of us.

Phoebe graduated to the dining table at last. She is very proud and entertains us with delightful conversation and worldly table manners.

She's a kiwi alright........loving that tomato sauce!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Rain

Discovering warm rain for the first time..........

Watching raindrops hit wood................

Tasting warm rain for the first time...........


Warm February rain.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The new Treacy additions.

No I'm not announcing the conception of twins, but instead a couple of cutie-pa-tooties called Cocoa and Crunchy.

Caitlin and Molly have been working hard on their chores to save many pennies for two new guinea pigs. The day finally came, yesterday armed with their hard earned cash we trotted off to Animates and chose the new pets.

Mark had recently made a new cage, one that has a slightly smaller bed area to keep them snug, warm and feeling secure. Although he is going to put finer netting on the sides I think because Tyson (the cat) has cleverly worked out his paw will slide in if he holds his mouth the correct way.

Caitlin's little guy, Crunchy is very calm and tame, but also the hungriest little pig I've ever met. Caitlin is an amazingly dedicated mum busying herself with 'care' chores. We all knew she would be.
Introducing Crunchy!

Molly's Cocoa is a little more skittish, at the moment, and yesterday was a bit anxious I think because he didn't want to eat much. This morning he seems more settled and happy to be cuddled. We had to insist on some down time yesterday. The kind of "step away from the cage girls!!" scenario, thinking the new pets needed time to adjust to their new surrounding on day one.
Introducing Cocoa!

Phoebe thinks they are wonderful, I think. She cocks her head to the side and utters an "aaaaaaah" to them. She also starts these high pitched giggles/squeals, quietly under her breath. Very cute wee girl. Her little hands are not always so gentle so supervision is definitely needed.
Ten years of handling babies has given Mark the paternal edge.

A curious Cocoa moment.

Other news; Mark has grown a tiny Aubergine (Eggplant). The plant is in a pot which may not be ideal, but it was our only option in this current house.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Death of a toothbrush....

Well, the last few days I totally lost my blogging 'mojo'.

Life dwardled on, kids off to school each day, piles of washing folded and back in drawers and the family content. Job done, on my part.
So I have focused on the extra things. Getting my C.V up to date, little bit of writing, baking a delicious chocolate slice, sorting through lovely family photos. I also made a fleeting visit (the only type I get with Phoebe along for the ride) to the library and left very excited with SIX books for the next month tucked under my arm! YEEHAAA!!!!

But today I decided I really had to make the effort to blog.
Thankfully early this evening Phoebe came to the party and gave me something to chat to you all about. I found Phoebe, Miss......what is she now? Miss 16 months, in the bathroom having a fantastic time with her toothbrush. I need to provide you with little history behind this girl and toothbrushes for you to fully appreciate today's experiences.

Miss Phoebe Treacy HATES having her teeth brushed with a passion. Which is odd because she adores the Dora brush and runs to get it, she just despises the cleaning process. She has mastered the art of jamming her gums and lips together with such a force that any spoon, medicine syringe, toothbrush or parent is often ricocheted across the room.
I persevere. I invent 'brushing' songs. I use diversion tactics "look what's over there". I use favourite toys "Oh look at good little tiger brushing his teeth.
Tonight I used brute force.
I admit to it all. I am the guilty party. I pinned my own child to the floor, tucked her arms down, opened her mouth with one hand and began with her new molars. The neighbours probably called Child & Young person Services, so I'm here now admitting my guilt to the world. However, Miss P does have extremely clean teeth this evening as a result. Only problem being, she may well now hate the process even more.....sigh.

Well, back to the bathroom discovery. I am soooooo very pleased that I scrubbed my bathroom today because I found Phoebe doing the very same type of cleaning with her beloved Dora toothbrush. When I walked in she was dealing to the tile grouting and just before I decided enough was enough she was headed for the toilet. Yes, I was relaxed enough about it to take photos, only because I knew I had put in the elbow grease earlier today. Had it been yesterday..................
Phoebe has two Dora toothbrushes, so we have a back-up in reserve for such occasions thank goodness.

Maybe this is Phoebe demonstrating how my role modeling is rubbing off on her. What will she be doing next then? Foul-mouthing the late rubbish guys and lying about with a Margarita and novel? I had better watch myself.
(Hey did you notice the scrape on Phoebe's nose?? She hit it on the concrete at school yesterday trying to keep up with the big kids...ouch!)

Have a spectacular weekend people.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cicada Concerto

We are currently living in such a beautiful place. It is a contrast to Canterbury of which I still call home. But every now and then I am sharply reminded to take note of it all.
Early each morning and for majority of the day we are surrounded by noisy Cicada song. As I sit here writing it is almost too loud to hear myself think.
Then in the evening, while the Cicada brush their teeth and the last birdsong is sung a new sound can be heard. It doesn't happen until darkness begins to fall, but the twiddley-tweet of whistling frogs can be heard. We even have a local Morepork that ta-whit-ta-whooos anywhere from eleven pm onwards throughout the night.

I've tried to take a sound recording for you, on my tiny little camera which can't block out any wind noise, but see what you think!

The cicadas singing in our backyard, and the creature at the end is native to our backyard mostly.

Sorry, tried to record the Whistling frogs but they were a little too 'gentle' to be picked up on my little cam. You'll just have to believe me..........and no.........I'm not getting up at three am to record the Morepork! :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

School's back: reflections!

The first week of school has closed and we have all survived. Molly is loving it and so far her energy levels are great! She brings her reading books home and reads them enthusiastically to every one......individually. How proud she is!!!

I took a quick look at my achievements for 2010 this weekend, making sure I am keeping myself motivated and on track. So far, very pleased. In the six weeks of this year I have read six books and am currently juggling two Bill Bryson's. If you haven't read him, he is quite hilarious.

I wrote to my Great Uncle last night, finally asking him to help me with some family history info. I have huge regrets that I didn't record some of my history when I was younger. My grandma used to tell me great yarns about her rellies. But she died and I never bothered to either commit the stories to memory or even get her to write them down. Grandma's brother is getting a bit longer in the tooth now, and I don't want history to repeat, hence the letter.
I'm really pleased not to have put it off any longer. I am creating an album of my grandmas photos and treasures in hope that my children and grandchildren will appreciate the documentation and storytelling.

I also finished another story I'd been writing this week. Well, not a story but some children's poetry for learning numbers and the alphabet. By the time I start working again I might have a little collection. Don't worry, I'll invite you to the party if it hits the big time one day lol!!!

So I thought you might like to see what my growing kids are up to. You've seen a few glimpses of our holiday break. But I've got a few goodies left for you. Enjoy....
Perks of being fully weaned......independence!!!

Toddler logic. If you can't find the toy you're looking for, tip it all out. Then you'll see it ...and SIT in it !!!!

Elton John? Dame Edna? Little Mermaid?

For the record, Phoebe is simply NUTS about Dora. So if the chair is out, keep QUIET!!!!

Nothing like a little play-dough action in the early morning sun :-)
(note Phoebe still in P.J's it's that early!!!)

Hot days mean shirts off and we play hard!!!!!!

PS. Congratulations to Scott and Fiona who have just announced their engagement. Looking forward to a BIG party..............I'll bring the Margaritas!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Molly's first day at school!

Well the day arrived. I surprised myself by waking and getting out of bed early enough to get myself ready before the kids woke and sneak in a coffee. I really do have this 'mother at home' thing sussed. Mind you, it's only day one, term one, lol. Molly woke and had everything ready and wanted to leave by 7.50am. First bell goes at 8.30. Sweet huh. I wonder how long that enthusiasm lasts. I just know she is going to love school. She is our social butterfly and I feel this is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in her life.

I coped extremely well. There was one moment just before I left the classroom when I noticed a strained look of anxiety on her cute little face. But it was fleeting and she quickly smiled lovingly at her new teacher, so I knew it a good time for me to leave.
Mark delayed leaving for work this morning so he could come and see her classroom and check out Caitlin's new one. She is in Year 6 this year. Wow! A whole decade has almost passed since I had that lovely girl. I can't wait to blog about that birthday at the end of March.
Molly also had her first swimming lesson in her new swimming group into which she graduated before Christmas last year. I imagine she will have no trouble getting to sleep later this evening:-) Caitlin's athletics club starts back up again tomorrow evening.
Molly has requested Spaghetti and Meatballs as her 'first day at school' dinner. A tradition in our house. Caitlin's was macaroni cheese, five years ago of course. So I have to get to the supermarket to get some pasta!
I'll leave you with some more photos.......
How lucky am I.......

Monday, February 1, 2010

A good book!

I have just finished another novel, well, actually I think it is classed as an autobiography but is such compelling reading it feels like a fantastic work of fiction.
Titled "Three Seasons" by Jane Hansen. It is the first book in a long while that has reduced me to a blithering idiot sitting up in bed, weeping like a baby. What a roller coaster ride, but one I just couldn't or refused to get off. (The last book that did that to me was Harry Potter, when Professor Dumbledor died. I was a mess, complete mess).
It is the heart breaking and warming account of Jane's journey as a journalist, through her career into war torn countries and eneviatably delaying motherhood. When she finally decides to have children it is no easy ride for herself or husband. During the account she finally becomes a mother to three gorgeous boys. Two sadly dying due to premature arrivals and one finally making it to full term and safe delivery.
I found her account to be honest and quite raw. I appreciated her viewpoint on surviving life. It sharply reminded me of my very own blessed life, three children surviving the birth process and growing up to be healthy children.
I don't want to give everything away, just in case you want to read the book yourself. Some might be put off reading it because they don't feel like a weepy story. But I was also intrigued with her detailed description of her career as an ambitious journalist. Especially the incredibly dangerous environments she put herself in.

We have spent the day mooching and reading books today. Auckland anniversary day. The countdown in for Molly. First day of school tomorrow, we will see you then!


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