Saturday, June 25, 2011

Brains vs Brawn/Beauty debate.

So it's like this.

A girl walked into her local hospital the other day.

"Hi" greeted the nurse, "If you don't mind we'd like you to go to a different treatment machine today. Some technical issues" (smiles sweetly).

"Sure" (the girl smiles sweetly back)

Nurse announces on intercom. "Hi.............that brain I was talking to you about is on her way up!"

The girl was listening. (The nurse was suddenly horrified at this realisation).

The girl laughed. (The air in the room was suddenly lighter).

"Don't worry" she said to the embarrassed nurse, "I've been called far worse."

The girl moved on with a growing feeling of personal achievement. Finally known for her brains.

She could hear the distant cheers of suffragettes long passed.

Jaz xx


  1. well at least she didn't notice or refer to your newly found breasts!


  2. Cute! Love how you are always able to see the funny side!

  3. What a fabulous attitude you have, Jaz.

  4. medical people seem to have unawareness of others around them
    bravo for your kind acceptance of their shortcomings of people skills!


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