Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a kids life!

I love Mondays. The Boomtown Rats were soooo wrong.

Yesterday, thanks to Her Royal Highness Lizzie Windsor, I got to spend the day with all my kids. Thank you Ma'am.

We didn't do anything particularly interesting. Went through bedrooms and played with toys. Perfect!

Little Phoebe decided to do a photo-shoot of her favourite things. I was quite impressed at her patience and ability to 'hold still'.

Cash register close up
Monkey....I swear...none were harmed in the making of this!!
Mummy's knees and some bedroom floor mess
Books on shelf.....hee hee hee
Her feet ....tee hee hee......tooooo cute
A favourite book....... and pink knee
A carefully positioned pony.
Loving the simplicity of what makes a child happy.

I also love that Caitlin saw this sunrise and took these photos from an upstairs window.
Yay for kids who appreciate the stuff around them :-)

And to finish, a funny story to tell you about Phoebe and learning to tell the difference between boys and girls. It began as early morning pillow talk, Phoebe lying in between Mark and I, far too early to be considered civilised.
Mark: "Phoebe.......is Daddy a girl or boy?"
Phoebe: "Daddy's a boy"
Mark: "And Mum?"
Phoebe: "Girl!"
Mark: "Is Molly a girl or boy?"
Phoebe: "Molly's a girl and Caitlin's a girl"
Mark: "So what about ****.........is **** a boy or girl? (Boy's name from preschool protected)
Phoebe (in a snarky voice) ****'s a grumpy old troll!!!

Yep she's got it sussed at an early age, no boys will be pushing her around this playground it seems.


  1. Phoebe can avoid camera shake better than some far more experienced people I've come across. It's encouraging to know that she sees nature as well as possessions. Even more encouraging to know that she's got men sussed already!

  2. Such a cute story, that's one very 'onto it' little gal! Lovely sunrise shots (I'm a total sucker for these!) and insights into the loves of a child through her own photos xx

  3. Lovely pics from a great perspective! Those sunrise ones are amazing!

  4. You've got great photography help there :)


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