Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vlog Thankful Thursday!!

Sorry about all the back light people, but it does make the front lighting appear softer, hence the smile lines are less obvious. Pleased about that :-p

Oh I got a bit of stage fright and forgot to send out best wishes from Mark and the girls, they are waving and saying hi too :-)
Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Oh you're so much braver than me... Don't think I could do a vlog (or should that be a v-log ;-)) Lovely to hear your voice.

  2. Well done babe you look beautiful!


  3. Hey gorgeous! Yay I was so hoping you might do a vlog so I could put a voice to the lovely Jaz! You are even more delightful on video than I imagined!! You've totally made my day. Happy sigh from your mate Meg xx

  4. aw how cool are you!? Great V-log Jaz. And happy fantastic Thursday back :)

  5. Hey Jaz! You look amazing and really youthful its crazy! Glad your doing ok and yes u have a truck load of hair and it will recover in time, im attempting this blog thing bit slow at mo but getting, take care


    your lil sis lans xo

  6. So lovely to see your gorgeous smile xx well done! I feel quite disoriented with the budgie cage behind you lol not used to the screen view of the room! We think of you and the precious fandamily everyday and although we miss you there is some comfort in knowing you are safe up there.

  7. Hay luv great to see you in moving pictures what a fantastic idea your looking and sounding great cant wait to see you good and continue to be your gorgeous self.

    little bro luke

  8. Well done Jaz. Looking gorgeous and sounding great girl!

    Jen xx

  9. I've just had Thursday and I didn't even realise it. Shame on me. I read this as I came to bed - my first opportunity to read your blog today. I return to my Lewis home tomorrow after three weeks away. Seeing your vlog (I'd never heard of one 'till I read Mark's Facebook post and sped over here) has made me really really homesick for New Zealand. Hearing a true New Zealand voice and seeing you with such a lovely smile has given me an emotional end to what has been a lovely day. Thank you.

  10. Hey Jaz, Lookin HOT!!! Looove the v-log what a cool idea...You are such a beautiful, smiley, gorgeous woman and sooo brave, thinking of you guys often and love checking out your blog from time to time, cant beleive how much the girls have grown and wee pheebs is getting sooo big, makes me want to have another (sometimes)

    Take Care
    Sarah and the Starkey Family xxxxx

  11. :)
    You look and sound amazing.
    I STILL have that zit.....

  12. I am an occasional visitor, haven't stopped by for a while. I loved your 'vlog'! You look so relaxed in front of the camera, well done!

    I also love reading about the activities you do with your young family. It takes me back a year or two to when ours were young. Those years fly by so very quickly.


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