Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday: I'm over half way!!!!!!

It's true, yesterday was hump day, the half way point through Radiotherapy. YAHOOO!

I still have the dry mouth, drinking lots. A bit of brain fog, especially as the each week progresses. Fatigue, not unusual and expected. No headaches or nausea, which means my brain doesn't need steroids just yet, so I'm really pleased. My body is keeping it together.

I am however, and this wasn't at all unexpected, losing some hair. I had my hair cut a lot shorter so as to lessen the impact (for myself and others) before the therapy started. The hair loss is isolated to where the beams enter the scalp, so it will be patchy across the back of my head. My hairdresser, bless her, is confident though. She commented that if anyone had to have beams of radiation through their head, it's my head of hair that will survive. I have my birth father to thank for his DNA here. Of course, my mother will have contributed, but I've seen the 70's photos of luscious, thick, long dark hair he sported. I'm really grateful to have such a scalp load of the thick stuff myself.
When I run my fingers through it, it seems like loads is coming away. So much, Mark put the first load out into a tree for the birds. I'm proud to be supporting the building of local bird real-estate!!
I had been so brave and stoic up until then. Every time the docs mentioned the hair loss I just thought it was the least of my worries....and my head knows it is. But my heart............well that's another thing altogether.

So this Thursday I'm thankful for getting to the half way point, bearing up to the side effects, DNA, hair and the birds. All an important part of my life this week.



  1. Be thankful, too, Jaz that I wasn't your Dad! My son wears a 'number one' and has done since his early twenties 'cos, despite my Dad having a good head of hair in his 90s I certainly don't.

    Seriously, though, I'm very glad that you are bearing up as well as you are and are still have things for which to be thankful.

    And I shall add another titbit: I am thankful for you because you made me sit back and take stock each Thursday of the things for which I also have to be thankful. Thank you, Jaz.

  2. Yay for halfway! Know that I will be praying for the treatment to work faster and better than anyone imagines. You are a beautiful soul Jaz with a full head of hair, half or none at all. Love ya gal xx

  3. Hi Jaz, congratulations on getting halfway and being so positive. That's really funny about the birds :)

  4. Congratulations on being half way! I saw a friend through her cancer treatment, the loss of hair is hard because it makes it so visible what the body is going through. But her hair grew back and she beat the cancer; I wish the same for you :)

  5. Fantastic news that you are half way there. And even though - to us girls -our hair is so dear to us, you are a stunning woman. And if anyone can look good with less hair it will be you. :)

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  7. Hey Jaz...just wanted to say thanks for lovely comment on V-LOG...which led me back to your blog! I Have just spent the better half of my morning catching up on whats been going on with you! All I can say is WOW! Thank you so much for sharing you story! What a crazy few months you have had and hope you are continuing to get back to being you! I loved reading your husbands blog posts. He sounds like a keeper!
    Do you know Monica from the blog Delisimon...I cant believe how similar your stories are. She spent last year battling a very aggressive breast cancer...and she only lives around the corner from you. i think you guys would totally get on.
    Anyhoo...nice to meet you in blogland!


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