Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frugal Winter Weekends

During winter, especially when it is raining (which it's been doing a lot lately) our children get cabin fever. I'm always trying to think or dream up of ideas for keeping them away from the television. Ok......................delaying the television viewing until the afternoon at least.

The girls spent hours with a palette of water based paint, brush and a roll of paper towels. Ingenious! They loved every minute of it. I didn't spend any money getting them set up because we had all the ingredients in the house!

Paper towels aren't quite as good as coffee filters (which are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G) but the paints did bleed together, creating fun effects that certainly brightened up the day!!
I've seen the coffee filters used over on this blog HERE.
Even two year old hands could cope with the task, mostly unsupervised, and very happy.

Two busy artists.............NOT WATCHING T.V. !!!!!!!

See what appears after the rain :-)

Other frugal, rainy day activities we have done before were PIZZAS and PAPER-BEADS
Yay for ultra cheap entertainment.
Jaz xx


  1. Awesome!
    My middle two (the crafty ones) have spent the last 2 afternoons cutting pictures from old magazines and drawing little pictures and captions onto pieces of card which Hub takes to work to laminate and they have their own designed placemats. They came up with the idea on their own and are having a blast.

  2. I was the world's worst when it came to trying to think up ideas like that. My epitaph could be "He had an idea once....so rumour has it" Fortunately my wife was good at it.


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