Friday, January 21, 2011

Paper beads: desperate for a holiday activity???

I love beads and making things with the kids. With three girls in the house I doubt we will never be in short supply of bits and bobs that glitter and sparkle.

What we do have, like most home, are leaflets, scrap paper bulging recycling bags of 'junk' mail.
Paper that can be used in all sorts of ways, and especially with a six and ten year old who are ready to get back to school.

I've been thinking about making some jewelry this year and was looking online for some tutorials and inspirations for materials etc. I must admit, I hadn't thought about the piles of paper and bits of unused scrap-booking paper we have on hand. Check out some online tutorials here and here.

How about trying this little fun activity:

Paper Beads:

Cut a long triangle. Vary the sizes and lengths to vary the size of your beads

Begin rolling up the widest end around a kebab stick. Easy enough for my child model!!!
(we actually put a tiny spot of glue on the paper at this early stage to help keep the beads tight and strong)

Keep rolling until you have a little strip left. Pop on another dab of glue.

Finish the rolling.

We threaded them back onto the kebab sticks to dry.

To use them, they really need to be varnished. We had to use some watered down PVA glue. But they look cool.
Next thread them onto some strong thread. Voila! A necklace or bracelet.

I can't wait to try some really bright coloured papers. Supposedly glossy coloured magazine pages work well.


  1. Love these! I actually have a necklace made of these beads and only just realised that's how they're made :-)

  2. cool! you can make these with sturdy fabric too

  3. Fabric!!!!!
    I love that idea! Another way of using up off cuts and such :-)


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