Monday, January 3, 2011

a little bathtime madness

You may have seen this hideous................but surprisingly cool stuff on the market this summer!

One box was kindly delivered by Santa and was enjoyed last evening.

Well, you fill the bath with approx 40 litres, of warm water, sprinkle the magic powder over the top.

Wait 5 minutes and mix. Voila............a bath of bright blue goo.

Stare at it in wonder for a moment.........should I really invite all three children in to spread this stuff around my bathroom?

Invite children in to play.

Warm icky goo actually feels quite amazing!

Thankfully the box also includes another magic powder that turns the goo back into water.
No staining nor mess. Another Christmas miracle ;-)

A quick rinse off in the shower and you'd never know I had just bathed my children in slime.

Well if Shrek can do it.................. should try it.


  1. OH you are a good mummy!
    My kids have been coveting this stuff all year at the shops and I just couldn't do it. (To be fair I didn't realise there was magic powder to turn it back to water though..)shhhhh don't tell me kids ;)

  2. I have got to get some of this stuff! I think I'll put it in the paddling pool though, just in case our septic tank doesn't approve...So cool!!

  3. I thought that you had had a brainfart until I read that you could turn it back to water. I don't have any children that young to try it out on nor, in NZ, do I have a bath! Even with the magic return powder there's no way I'd risk it in my spa bath in Scotland. No sir. Definitely not. But then if I had grand-children that age..... who knows.

  4. hahahahahahah

    oh it was so yuck and wonderful all at once.

    Never again, what a complete waste of money, about $17 straight down the drain in fact. But then I guess so are fireworks; money up in smoke. The girls certainly squealed with delight.

    what a giggle.....

  5. Hey!

    What fun. I think my two would love it! I'm following your lovely blog now too! And thanks for the lovely recent comments on mine. Happy New Year and look forward to hearing more from Treacy Travels in 2011!

  6. Wow - that stuff is so cool (and slightly scary!!). Can you get it in NZ? Should I risk it?? :)


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