Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 6

Well its almost been a week since Jasmines operation. This time last week I was sitting in hospital keeping her company while she waited for her operation the following morning.

I remember that we didn't say much to each other. We certainly didn't discuss any "what ifs" if anything was to go wrong. For us it was a routine operation, one that should have seen her home pretty soon.
It saddens me sometimes when I think of those wasted hours, I wish we had talked more but maybe just being in each others company was enough.
If I had the time again Im not sure I would have said much more. Apart from a few more hugs!!!

I think everyone that reads this entry should approach the person they love the most and tell them how much they love them and why. You just don't know what's around the corner.

It was Scott and Fiona's last visit today. Very emotional for them and us. Jaz looked pretty good. They had tied her hair back off her face. She was propped up in her chair and spoke more. She managed to read the Auckland Health board writing on the nurses uniform which means that she can read and see!
Still very tired but as I said yesterday little steps. The Nurse suggested we arrange some music or a movie for her in a couple of weeks, something to help with the boredom.

The girls went to a birthday party with friends this morning, I got upset because I couldn't find a jumper for Molly and tonight Luke arrives.

Life is very hectic but as long as we are clean healthy and fed what is there really to complain about?
I want to thank you all for your words of support. Being so far away is hard. We didn't plan a Brain tumor to be part of our Auckland adventure!!! So the distance has been hard. Your messages in what ever form has been the next best thing to being here and it really helps. I pass on every one to Jaz which always brings a smile to her face.

We have become good friends with our neighbors so they are cooking home made fish and chips with freshly caught snapper for the girls tonight while I take Luke up to the hospital to see Jaz. A classic case of some good kiwis looking out for their neighbors!


  1. So glad to hear of Jaz's progress each post. And thankful for your caring neighbours!

  2. When I was waiting for my cancer operation back in 1998 I can recall very clearly just holding hands with my love the night before - no extra words were needed. Of the 5 or 6 days I spent in the HDU I can remember very little but what I do remember was my love being there holding my hand. That will be with me for ever. It was one of the most important things she ever did for me. You are there for Jaz. One day she will, inevitably, be writing these words in her appreciation of you to (hopefully) give comfort to someone else.

    Your suggestion that we tell the people we love that we do - and why (I've added that bit to my list) is so important.

  3. I agree about letting the people you love know. How often do we go through life especially as parents with kids too busy to give each other the time of day? Your journey over this past week or has been so inspiring on that front. Even my hubby is following your progress since he's seen how deeply and emotionally involved I've become with your journey.

    Best wishes for a really positive week ahead. The prayers continue for you all xx

  4. Thanks for sharing x My little miss seven year old told me earlier not to kiss her in public I laughed and said, "I don't care... I want the world to know I love you." As I thought of your blog...

  5. Thinking of you all and praying for you. Not sure if you guys are movie buffs but certainly I'm sure lots of the readers might have some nice relaxing/low key suggestions for you if we could help in that way....Lots of love it is a very big journey for you ALL

  6. So good to hear the updates - tell Jaz I'm sending her a little surprise in the mail this week. xoxo

  7. Keep strong and know so many people are thinking of you all. You are amazing Jaz so strong. Maddie wanted me to send a big cuddle to Caitlin.Thinking of you all from Bridgitte Andrew, Paige and Maddie Robinson. Ashley.

  8. I teach at Loburn School and knew Jaz a little through our Tri-school speech competitions and PD between our schools. I am really sorry to hear what has happened. I am sending lots of positive thoughts her way and will keep up with her progress through this blog.
    Steph Iles

  9. So good to get updates and how Jaz - and all of you are doing. Every little step is that much closer to you guys being on the other side of this. If anyone can - Jaz can. :)

  10. You have some lovely people in your lives xxxx


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