Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I miss growing flowers very much. When we moved to Auckland in May 2009 we sold our Southern house and have rented up here ever since. It really is easier when planning around schooling, work contracts, health etc.
At our current rental property, we don't have a garden. Mark has managed to squeeze a very successful vege plot in and we have strawberries and herbs growing on the deck. It has been a year of container gardening for us.

So a few days ago I noticed something quite spectacular growing along our driveway. I knew it was there, but expected a dull shade of pink maybe. Like the Canterbury soil had always delivered me.

Shocking blue Hydrangeas

It's more than a baby blue......and 'shocking' isn't quite the right word either.

So yummy. I could almost eat them up.

I am thankful I could bring them up to my kitchen and look at them all day.

Small things huh.

Sometimes that's all you need.



  1. Most of the things we face in life and for which we are thankful are small things because they make up the bulk of our lives. The Big Things are the things we have to deal with so they almost get to the stage of being beyond thankful when they go right but when they do go right they enable us to be thankful about the small things. Does that make sense?

  2. Beautiful.
    You know that after so said "shocking" isn't quite the right word for them I started flicking words around my head trying to find one suitable...couldn't do it either.
    Some things just are.

  3. "Sometimes that's all you need" - so very true!! x


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