Monday, January 24, 2011

Out of Theatre

As most of you will know:
Jaz has a brain mass...
She had an op today, to remove the mass, (the op started around 11am and finished some time around 5pm)
but it is wrapped around a blood vessel and so can not be removed safely... a biopsy has been taken.
At this stage, it appears to have been in there a long time... and the theory is (for now) that it is likely to be not of the very nasty variety, however there is a risk that it may one day physically become a 'nuisance' if it is growing.

She has been awake since the op but is still in recovery.

More updates on the girls and Jaz's condition, can also be found at


  1. Will be keeping you in my prayers Jaz!

  2. Same here! Have been wondering all day how you went. Thanks for the updates :)

  3. Prayers and speedy recovery thoughts being sent your way xx

  4. Sending get well and stay well wishes x hope she recovers quickly x

  5. Thinking of you Jaz, have a speedy recovery!

  6. My thoughts are with you, Jaz, and with your family.


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