Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm sure you would agree, the warm weather makes it easier to be thankful on a daily basis.
This week we are extremely thankful for the beach....again.

Jumping waves......
Resulting in fully clothed swimming!!!

Beach smiles ☺

Thankful for children that like setting up and taking photos :-)

I particularly love the fact that my two youngest will eventually abandon their clothes for impromptu nude swims.

Sand through your fingers

We ♥ the beach

Oh and we love this............little icing people made by eldest little Treacy person.

Have a thankful day and week,



  1. Almost makes me want to go to the beach, but just not the same here... Although Sumner is ok....
    Lovely pix of the girls...

  2. gorgeous pics Jaz! love the little sugar person.

    we're not having much beach weather in OZ unfortunately.

    enjoy & thanks so much for popping by ♥

  3. Another lovely, truly warming post. I'm thankful yet again that you started me on reminding myself to be thankful.

  4. I escaped from my office on a dreary and pretty cold summers day in Wellington and instead found myself on a beautiful beach with some gorgeous people. Loved it.


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