Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Ok. There's a lot around here to be thankful for again. What a fun game this is!

Thankful for beautiful smiles of little people who seem to be growing up at an almighty pace!!

Spirulina smoothies for E.N.E.R.G.Y

New life as mentioned here

The facial expressions that new pets bring!

The delicious beauty in before...
....and after shots.

The squeals and laughter that came from this 'stocking filler' joke soap sitting in the bathroom. I still catches me off guard occasionally.

Thankful for Rescue remedy and Chamomile /Peppermint teas to calm nerves and tummy.

Have a great and thankful day!

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  1. I think you are one amazing and inspirational person, Jaz. (And I'm not given to random superlatives!). Don't you just love spirulina? I was introduced to it about 6 years ago when I first came to NZ and once I got over the colour I was hooked.


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