Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear 2011

Dear 2011...

I've thought about you a lot already. I wont write a post about resolutions....... so many, some I'm scared to even say out loud.

But the Treacy family are ready to meet so many goals. Thanks for delivering us plenty of sun, fun and hope so far.

I am looking forward to what you promise.

Good health
A New school
More writing
More singing
Two pending babies (friends', not mine for goodness sake. I'm happy out to pasture, watching others)
Adventure and discovery
Confidence and risk taking!

And to you 2010..................
I apologise for not taking everything you had to offer. I probably could have made more of what was in front of me.
I can't believe the curved balls you threw me. Some I couldn't catch (not known for my sporting prowess). A couple of them slapped me right in the face and knocked me over.
But I made it to the end..........slightly more...........awake.

Dear Jaz........
Don't forget, today is precious. Don't waste it. Even if the day only brings rest and recreation. Don't waste it.
Stop putting off things because you're scared or doubt yourself. Start being who you want to be and not what others expect. Others WILL love you for it, including your children.
Try to not procastinate so much, endeavour to live for today, not tomorrow.
Finish that story, write down that poem in your head, make music, be the better friend, wife, mum. But most of you!

love and warm wishes


  1. Lovely lovely post....especially the way you have written to yourself :-) I have to admit I've been unable to write any NY resolutions, after reading lots of other people's grand resolutions and things they want to achieve, I feel a bit like I can't articulate or can't identify any great goals or dreams. But I still think I should try? You've inspired me to have a go anyway :-)

  2. I think many of us are pleased 2010 is over, but sadly the issues that blighted it are lingering longer than they should and all the resolutions in the world won't change it... But I do try to appreciate the little things, and keep anxiety down as much as I can, spending today relaxing with a massage the children gave me as a present... Love your letter to yourself.
    Trying to remember how I amused my kids all holidays on a budget... Much of it is a blur. I survived school holidays by having a constant open home to their friends and the hope there would be children exchanges between houses.... Often having 7 kids running round all day. My children laugh that I can't help cooking for an army, but i always found constant healthy feeding of the hordes kept the squabbling down and tempers more even.

  3. Dear Jaz

    We have never met. We probably never will. But you know my views on living for the day and you have written the post that I would have written had I had the imagination so to do. Your words in this post will stay with me for many years. Perhaps more because they are printed out and will be on my notice board so that every time I look at it I will be reminded.


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