Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Steps

Day 6 has almost passed.

I write this having just completed my evening session with Jaz. Fiona and Scott have been great. Sharing the load with the kids during the day visits and then taking over in the evening so I can drive to the hospital by 7.30 to spend a quiet hour with Jaz in the evening.

This is a perfect opportunity to thank them in this public forum. They head off tomorrow which will bring tears and sadness. I'm sure it will be difficult for them to leave when Jasmine is in hospital.

Tomorrow Luke takes over and the week following my Mum (who cant wait!) and sister Hayley arrive.

Visiting is tough. It takes 40mins to get into the hospital from home to make some very strict short visiting times 11am - 1pm and 3pm to 8pm only to find that Jaz is so tired she isnt really that interested.

Jaz continues to make positive steps towards recovery. Today she sat in her chair and sipped coffee through a straw while a Nurse held the cup.

I suggested to the Nurse she would like her hair washed. She has a wound in the front and back of her head from the 2 different operations, so a full wash is further down the track but she said she will do her best to freshen it up.
They have attached a splint to her right arm as it continues to sit in a very tight "V" position. She finds it very painful but did say "I have to get better". Movement in her right leg is still quite restricted but she will wriggle her toes when asked and the Nurse continues to encourage her hourly.

On the home front the girls have been busy we had a great afternoon at Matt and Becky Jones house playing with their 3 boys. It was so nice seeing them bounce on the tramp, fight over the best toy and in general have fun. I even managed to convince Phoebe to go back to bed at 1am this morning when she jumped into bed with me. Normally Jaz would do that and if I ever tried Phoebe would kick up a fuss. Lots of small steps for us as well.
Caitlin finds this whole situation the hardest. It does worry me, she is a very sensitive person and life for her is tough enough with a new college and everything else an almost 11 year old girl has to think about without dealing with her Mum in hospital.

I said to her Mum will come home but in the meantime its all about us. Together we have to look out for each other and in the end it will all come together.

Its all about lots of little steps.


  1. It's so wonderful to hear of progress being made each and every day. Yes it's little steps. But all those little steps add up to a marathon when you are able to turn around and look back at where you've all come from.

    It's also so reassuring to know you will have ongoing support to help you too Mark these next few weeks.

    It must be very tough on Caitlin. Being the age she is, so much more aware of the seriousness of it all. I will be praying for a really smooth start to the new school for her which I guess is this coming week. I'll pray she has some really great days which help ease the transition.

    And you are doing such a wonderful job of keeping your family together and keeping the burden as light as you can from your girls. Hope you know that :-)

  2. I know we will find it hard to be so far away again from you and the girls...Skype will be essential!.
    So glad we have been able to be here this week and we now you will be in good hands for the next few weeks too.
    You are doing brilliantly under circumstances no one wants to deal with. The girls have been amazing too.
    Fi and Scott

  3. I'm sure that I will be saying this many more times in the coming weeks: every bit of positive news is welcome for those who have caring thoughts for your family and my thoughts are with you all.

  4. Hi there, I don't really know you Mark or Jaz, I am a friend of Lukes but have met you both a couple of times. It sounds really positive how well Jaz has been communicating with you and the family considering it is such early days and it seems like you all are dealing with this in the best way possible. I am thinking of you all.

  5. I hope Jaz continues to make wonderful little steps on the road to recovery each day. My thoughts are with you and the girls, keep up the wonderful support and take every offer of support you can (meals, babysitting etc) and don't forget to look after yourself too Mark. Lot's of positive healing thoughts and wishes to Jaz.

    Kia Kaha.

  6. Huge prayers and positive thoughts to your sweet family! Little steps are what gives us our lessons, I think, for an even more grateful life. Blessings to you all.


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