Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gardens, Waterfalls and Beaches

Yesterday's day out was much needed and full of surprises.

Reading a fellow blogger's post at Paisley Jade this morning. I am in complete agreement. NZ is beautiful and it is amazing what you can find in your own backyard.

Having explored great chunks of the area around our current home and some of Northland we decided to head South.

Driving through Manukau with already restless children we stumbled, quite by accident on the Auckland Botanical gardens.

There we spotted..............

....metal seagulls....


And a Christmas tree made from ferns and poinsettas.

... a walled, edible garden to be very envious of, (or at least strive for)....

Back in the car we headed to a place truly out in the wops wops, near the Bombay hills.

Hunua Ranges to be exact.

Can be found here and here if you are interested in the geology and location.

Not quite Niagra, but breathtaking and noisy enough to get us all awestruck and excited.
A wobbly swing bridge allows this first glimpse of the fall from a distance.

One of the access ways

Our touristy pic contribution.

I wish this was closer to my house. I think I could sit here for hours writing all sorts of inspirational things.

Bush walk in for a closer look.

And of course, as promised to the regional council, we left only our footprints. (Although Miss 6 was kind of concerned about our tyre tracks in the parking area. I assured her it would be fine. Innovative thinking though!!)

Then driving up through Clevedon (which we both loved the look of). The kids were fighting and playing games in the back by this point!!
We kept driving out towards the coast arriving at Maraetai beach.

Maraetai is covered with shells and has an amazing view of Waiheke Island directly in front of us.

With a camera full of photos, ice creams eaten and tired, sun weary bodies. We scoffed fish and chips and slept well.



  1. oh another post of beautiful NZ to make me feel homesick :) Lucky we are moving home in 3 weeks!!! I love Maraeti and putting those falls on our list of to dos.

  2. Fish and chips and icecream - such classic Kiwi food!

    Beautiful photos - and so cute about the tyre tracks!!

    Will have to visit there oneday.

  3. Awesome day out. Made me feel as if I was reliving my childhood. We lived in Papakura for 10 years and all the places you visited are so familiar! I had forgotten how cool the Falls were too!

  4. Wow, those falls are breathtaking! Hubbie and I walked 'The Milford Track' years ago (before children!) and 'The Sutherland Falls' were INCREDIBLE! Seventh highest in the world I believe - and the best natural 'power shower' one could hope for after three days of no washing... we walked behind the falls and showered in the spray!

    LOVE New Zealand :)

  5. NZ is so full of wonderful gems and I do so enjoy seeing ones I might otherwise miss through your eyes, lens and words. Thanks.


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