Friday, January 28, 2011

She speaks!!

I mentioned in my last post that hearing her voice again would be like winning lotto! Well guess what today 6 numbers came up!

She spoke at 4 am telling the nurse she was in hospital. Since then she has spoken several times to all that have visited. Including Caitlin and Molly.

The girls seem so much happier, however little Phoebe still hasn't seen Mum. I asked Jaz today if she would like to see Phoebe and she said no. Its also great to see her making decisions. I understand that she wouldn't want someone so young to see her like that.

The physio had her sitting in a chair today and the speech therapist continues to challenge her. Even managing to make her feed herself some shepherds pie using a spoon and her good left arm.

All in all today was a good day for Jaz. We left the hospital a satisfied family and a very tired wife, mother daughter!

With that for me comes the anxiety of looking after both her and the girls. Even with Scott and Fiona helping, looking after 3 young girls is tough work! Chuck in my desire to spend time with my wife who continues to get better and I find myself in a bit of a spin.

I know deep down Jaz would want me to priorities my time around our children which will be difficult at first but Im sure with continued support from our friends and family I will be able to both spend quality time with her and fill the needs our children desire from their parents.

To finish I would like to thank you all for your continued support, prayers and well wishes. Everyday I run through your names which brings a lovely smile to her face. Please keep them coming it works! along with heaps of medicine Doctors, Physios, Therapists and brilliant Nurses.

Tomorrow is Saturday so who knows not only might I get 6 numbers but I could also get the bonus number as well!!!


  1. I am just so thrilled to hear of jaz's awesome progress. And yay for those 6 numbers coming up. I am sure that with each passing day your beautiful wife is going to amaze you all with her determination to be back to fighting fit as soon as she can.

    Meg xx

  2. That's fantastic news Mark!! What an amazing spirit she has. Jake, Caitlin and I send her our best wishes.

  3. WOOHOO!!!!!
    That's fab news!
    Go Jaz!!
    Keeping you all in my prayers throughout the day xo

  4. Hi Mark, Jaz, Caitlin, Molly & Phoebe
    Jaz you are amazing and so strong!
    Can't wait to get the next progress report.
    Mark can you give the girls big hugs from, Jake, Claudz & myself.
    Miss their big smiles and hugs at school.
    Lots of Love and hugs to you all xoxoxoxo

  5. Awesome news :-) Thinking of you all.

  6. Hi Mark, I have only met Jaz a couple of times (through Becky and Aimee) but I have read this blog before and she clearly adores her family - my heart goes out to all of you and I am so glad you had some progress today

  7. Whoop! Whoop! Such wonderful, great news! Jaz, you sound like a very strong, determined lady and I wish you the bonus ball and more real soon! Well done on such amazing progress. Best wishes to your amazing hubbie and family too - it sounds like you are a very strong, united team and by this time next year here's hoping everything is looking real peachy with roses on top ;) x

  8. yeah! keep it up! thats great, brings a smile to hear news like this...
    looking forward to next progress report.
    : )

  9. I mentioned this blog on my blog today as I was hosting a 'frankly quite grateful friday' and your story has made me grateful that the world can sometimes be a positive place even though life can be cruel... Keep your head up and man Jaz will be proud when she reads your entries!!!

  10. wow, thats fantastic news. I hope tomorrow you do indeed get that bonus ball.
    Keeping you, Jaz and your girls in our prayers.

  11. Glad to hear of the progress. Actually I have not been following Jaz's blog before but I came here from GB's Thankful Thursday... I worked for many years as secretary in a medical Rehab unit, with stroke among the diagnoses treated. Know a little bit from what I learned there how tough it can be; but also that some made wonderful progress. Wishing you all the best!!!

  12. Mark and Jaz, it's me again. I am so excited and my heart is fluttering in my chest to hear such progress in only two days. Jaz you are one of the most determined people I know and just from speaking with you several times recently about the power of positive energy - I KNOW how hard you must be trying. Keep trying sweetheart, we miss you. Mark - see you and the girls tomorrow - hugs are so overdue. Kia Kaha honey - Aims xoxoxoxo

  13. What wonderful news for you all. I wish for Jaz progress and I wish for you, Mark, continued strength in your challenging role.

  14. Wow, that's such encouraging news! Yay for everyday miracles!


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