Sunday, January 16, 2011

I need a title...

I love writing. I have children's stories half written and poems and notes scattered through journals and computers. But I never do anything with them. Other than enjoy.
I don't normally share, this blog was my first opportunity to share any of my written thoughts. Oh man, how good it has been.

One of my goals for this year was to be me and to be brave. So, I am. I don't normally share cause I'm scared.

What of?

Judgement? criticism? Probably. But if I like it.......that's ok......isn't it!!!

I would like your help though. I want the following poem to have a title. Will you help me?

I met a man today,

You have a beautiful dress

Thank you

Roman? No Egyptian.



I met a woman today,

What are you looking for?


Aaaah……… balance!


I wish you well….

I met myself today,

Hello my friend

I’ve been looking for you!

I have always been here.

I’ve been looking for you!

I am right here.

But couldn’t I find you…….

I’m here my friend.

In the quiet…..


(I have a couple of other bits I was brave enough to share a few moons ago here and here)



  1. I've been re-reading it. I'm afraid that imagination is not my strong point (I've dealt in facts and opinions all my professional life and old habits die with difficulty) but I think that you may be implying discovery. So how about 'Discovery'? Me? I'd have used 'I Met Myself Today'.

  2. sis you have always used your mind in a creative way poems are such a personal creation meanings can be so blurred between each reader. No title can also be a tital, but when i read it i got out of it as a (beautiful aqaintance) that would be my title or something like it


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