Monday, January 10, 2011

Love thy Neighbour

Hi ya

I don't even have time to take a pic and post it.

But I had to let you all know.

The world is still a gorgeous place.

We still do good things for each other...........all the time.

I always smile and chat with my neighbours. We've had them over for BBQs. We've swapped veges from the patch and the odd egg or cup of sugar. Our children share backyards and play together daily.

They have proven to be great guinea pigs for my baking.

I don't know them well, we've only been in this house for about six months. But already feel quite 'at home' because of our developing relationship.

Guess what?

I know "stuff" isn't everything.................but they have given me a SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!

An old Jenome model, that was sitting around the garage. Great working order, just needs oiling. No cash wanted.


I nearly wet myself (blame three gorgeous kids for that one).

Beautiful people. Right next door.

I'm gonna have to do some serious baking this month.

....and some serious sewing. (Once I learn how to drive it).

Am I a good neighbour? Are you?


  1. Cool story. Its awesome when things like that happen so unexpectedly. I love your 'OMGOLLYGOSH' my 4-year old says that and it always makes me chuckle! And the nearly wet my pants, I so knowing that feeling too!

  2. That is SOOOOO awesome Jaz! Lucky you! We could have some 'crafting' nights or weekends together now!!! I have heaps of offcut fabrics and patterns I can gift you too.... xo

  3. I don't really have close neighbours other than The Family in NZ but my neighbours in Eagleton are the most wonderful people I could ever wish to have.

    And if you want a smile and too much information then, having had cancer and lots of treatment which had deleterious effects on my nether regions, I too can appreciate your nearly wetting your pants comment! I can empathise with many of my female friends in that regard. Never sneeze and laugh at the same time is one of my mottos.


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