Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So much cheese.........and chocolate!!

It occurred to me that we really had much fun lately. I really miss having fun with the kids.
Recent events have left me exhausted and distracted, but I decided it also comes down to attitude. So I put on my happy face and played the glad game.

We went swimming.
Well.......I sat this one out, but got to take some pics and enjoyed watching the fun being had.
Love the way the older kids help the younger ones learn.

Awwww sisterly love!


We then decided to flag all good intentions of excellent nutrition for one night. A plate of fruit and lollies for dinner.
...oh, and chocolate :-)

Kinda like fishing really, trying not to let the big one get away.

We actually found some dairy free chocolate to melt for Phoebe so she didn't feel left out. She looked pretty mesmerized to me!!

Honestly, if you're going to do this you gotta go all the way. Almost anything is good when dipped in chocolate.

Oh and look, more cheese moments.
What a grin.

Jaz xx


  1. what a great idea for a family night!

  2. must have been the night for chocolate fondue - we indulged up here in Hamilton too!

  3. How lovely! I must try this one day! I think it would be soooooo much fun!xxx

  4. Lovely idea - were the girls bouncing off the walls after the sugar high?! If they are like mine, they are probably too used to it and it doesn't affect them at all! Lovely cheesy smiles, I've said it before but man little Phoebe looks like her mama!

  5. Depending on the gastric bug situation this weekend Id like to go swimming with the girls again! The girls had a blast and after the fondue slept really well.

    I think our next indulgence should be at chocolate brown? What are you doing this Sunday?


  6. As a recovering chocoholic and a non-even-attempting-to-give-up-cheeseaholic this post was a little sensitive for me but it was great to see the girls looking so happy.


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