Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do my boobs look big in this??? Thank You Thursday!!

Oh what a day, what a day it has been. I feel emotionally drained. Time for a giggle I feel.

Today I need to talk about boobs. Mine to be exact.

Now.......before I give out the wrong impression, I'm really not a very foul mouthed or a sexually explicit person, I promise. (Although I just remembered I have posted about them before, maybe I do have a problem).
I have just realised this personal revelation.

My boobs are bigger.

How the heck did that happen????

For me, Tuesdays are often check up day with the Doctor asking many questions about my current state of health and how I might be coping with the radiotherapy treatment. I have, thus far, shared only good news and have not had to have any 'drug' intervention. YAY FOR MY BRAIN!
Tuesdays are also an excellent opportunity to ask any burning questions I might have.

Well.......the Tuesday just recently passed, I REALLY wanted to ask if radiation treatment can enhance the state of your womanly rack, boobs, what ever you want to call them.

I didn't ask :-)

But the truth is, after very happily breast feeding three babies my 'breasticles' were starting to look more like socks with a tennis ball in each dangling off my chest. Add in a little weight loss from the anxiety of a medical diagnosis made last year and even the tennis balls were barely present. I assumed, at that point that this was my lot. This is the payment and reward of breeding healthy and secure children.

I still didn't ask :-)

I think, the real reason is one of two things.
1. My pituitary gland is getting a work out during treatment and I am regressing to my younger self.
2. The nutritious brain feeding diet that I regularly consume is ensuring I maintain a healthy weight.

I'm going with number two, because I really don't want to be a teenager again, no sir-reeee!!
And as Breast tissue is mainly fat then I must say I am happy with my current fat/muscle ratio.

I think this might just be a little silver lining.

Silly one , I know.

Thanks for the revelation Thursday.
To all the owners of fabulous (fabulous being large and small) breasts.
I salute thee!
Jaz xx


  1. There is so much I could say but i think Ill just keep my comments to myself :)

  2. Hahahaha Mark there goes that i think bout sex evry 6 sec thing right!

    I swap you jaz you can have my 3kg chest if you like o to have a perfect small chest haha


  3. Well I just loved this post, its hilarious! That you can manage to find the funny side in the changes in your body is just brilliant :-) the only time I've ever felt well endowed was when pregnant and breast feeding so I would be right there sharing your joy if it were me. Yay for silver linings xx

  4. A really amusing and brave post, Jaz. As a male of the species (and a legs man rather than a boobs man anyway) I think I shall refrain from comment too. However it may amuse you to know that when I was having part of my cancer treatment I was told that one side-effect was that I might develop breasts. Now that's news the average man (I think I'm pretty average) doesn't want to hear. Fortunately it never happened!

  5. Loved your post! :) :)

  6. Well that will do your self esteem good, whatever the reason for the growth....... and I am sure you and Mark will both enjoy the flow on effect of that :)


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