Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What to feed the troops!?!

Hey now this has been done before. We've made sandwiches and all sorts in crazy shapes. Even the corny old smiley face plate version. But tonight Mark found the teeny tiny shape cutters and endeavoured to get Phoebe to eat more than a few crumbs.
Out of all our children, Phoebe is the most reluctant to eat anything that isn't covered with sugar.
The others actually prefer to eat veges and meat..........but not the Pheeb-meister!!



Edible teddy bears, stars and hearts.

I must admit, it wasn't all eaten. But we're pretty sure some vitamins and minerals were consumed along the way.

We will not be defeated !
Jaz xx


  1. Cute! Isn't it amazing what a little bit of psychology will do!! ;)

  2. Very ingenious - we do what we must - i.e. try anything and everything! Also thanks for the lovely comment on the blog too hon - I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you what a HUGE fan I am of yours too. Getting to 'know' you has been one of the highlights of my year so far precious gal xx

  3. I wonder what makes some children sugar cravers. I've always been a savoury loving person (I nearly said savoury person but realised in time that it had a different connotation) but most of my family were/are real sweetaholics.


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