Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coming Home

Its been a tough few days for Jaz the girls and I as we watch the devastation of our beloved city Christchurch on the the TV and through messages from our family. I was born and bred in Christchurch and I have the same feeling in my stomach that I experienced a few weeks ago when Jaz was very ill.

There are no words I can say that will make things better and I can only imagine how those effected are feeling so all I will say is we think about you all daily and wish we were there to share the pain with you. Both Jaz and I talked today about if this was to happen anywhere in New Zealand the Cantabrians are probably the best equipped to handle this situation.

On the home front Phoebe had her first day at Daycare yesterday and I finally got into the office. I did worry alot about how she would cope but was pleased to find when collecting her how happy she had been with her new friends and toys. Next week she will attend on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We hope to increase this another day when a space is available.

My anxiety levels have risen around not being able to work to my full capacity. I have always worked and have always given my employer the best I can possibly give so I find it very hard to be in this situation of working part time from the home and office. I know in time it will get better and I hope both my employer and I can work through this difficult time. To date they have been a pillar of support and strength which makes me feel incredibly loyal to the company.

Jaz has had another great week and has finally been given a discharge date. She will be home next thursday! Wonderful wonderful news. There is a real buzz of excitement in the house. It would have been 6 weeks since Jaz left for the hospital, it seems like such a blur.

Her recovery will continue at home, fatigue will be our enemy for at least another 6 months and then they intend to chuck in energy sapping radiation. She is alive and we need to be thankful for that but she did get quite upset today saying that regardless of all she has been through in 5 weeks the tumor is just the same.

Its something that I think will be a major issue for her as she comes to terms with having a tumor in her head for years to come. When you think about it, its very scary. The thought of having a growth nestled in the heart of your brain growing and taking up space. Will it remain benign? Will it cause a seizure? Will it shorten her life? Questions that we will confront the surgeon when we meet in the upcoming weeks.

Well thats about it from me this week, Jaz will be home again this weekend so Im sure she will publish an update on Saturday.

Love to all especially those in Christchurch

Mark, Jaz and the girls.


  1. Hi Lovely family
    So great to hear that Jaz is going to be coming home. Whoop whoop. I know it cannot sit easy with you all, the knowledge the tumor is still there. The list of what if's you ask yourselves. For now, each day is a gift. Try not to worry too far into the future. I know thats probably easy to say, much harder to do. But look at how day by day you've travelled so far from that place you were 5 weeks ago. In six months youll be so much further down the road still and hopefully more answers to questions and so much more certainty too.

    Can understand your frustration re not being able to give 100% too mark. I'd be just the same. Thank God you do have such a wonderful employer though as I'm sure there are plenty out there who aren't half as understanding.

    Keep smiling team Treacy xx

  2. So happy you are coming home Jaz. Hang in there. We have a friend up here who has had a tumor in her head for years and she was gone on with life fine (initially she nearly died when they tried to remove it too). You can do it - have faith. xoxo

  3. As a hard working single parent of 2 boys I know all about wanting to give 100% to everyone and the frustration at not being able to. At first it was daunting, now it's ok:)
    You will all be just fine; one foot after the other after the other and so on.....
    all the best, karen and family (UK) xx

  4. It's good to hear that Jaz will be coming home. I continue to think positive thoughts for you all and am inspired by the way you are all dealing with such a terrible time in your lives.


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